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Engaged: Andrea and Evan

Have I mentioned that we’re deep into engagement photo season? Here’s one from the ever-fabulous Jenny Haas, who I really can’t get enough of! Andrea and Evan’s engagement session is full of creative little touches that make for a really fun shoot!



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Custom Love Potion

You MIGHT hate me for this post. Because I’m going to show you something super cute, but kinda tough to DIY. I’ll be honest, this one’s kind of a toughie; but it’s so great, I couldn’t resist sharing!

Staci over at Sunlight Nights made an amazing six pack of beers with custom labels for her boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. And it got me thinking how killer custom labels might be at a wedding. You might not be able to do a fancy die cut like Staci has done here, but perhaps you could whip something great up and print them on labels like these from Paper Source. The labels come with a template, and if your stationery designer has created something custom for you, like a sort of wedding “logo” then you could easily apply it to the labels. Getting the original labels off your beers is as simple as soaking them in water and peeling them right off.

I know… I’m really really crazy. But I love the idea. They might work for a great custom gift for the groomsmen, or a welcome gift for your out-of-town guests, or perhaps as a favor on some wine at your shower! It’s just a crazy thought, I know… but seriously, if you’ve got a LONG engagement, you might as well tackle a few DIY projects, right?


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Engaged: Ben and Brittany in Venice

Venice BEACH, that is. Weren’t you hoping I’d say Italy? Well, no matter. This cutie couple is from Utah, where they are getting married. But, on a trip out to sunny SoCal to visit family, they decided to schedule an engagement session as well. Brilliant idea, folks! If you are looking to liven up your engagement session and find a location that isn’t local, planning a shoot around a vacation is a really great way to do it! Thanks to One Love Photography for sending over such amazing shots!


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Love: It’s the big idea

You better believe I can’t resist sharing anything new from MaeMae Paperie. She recently launched her new blog (woooohooo!) and another super cute line called: “Love: it’s the big idea”. Everything has a little light bulb element to it and I can’t tell you how much I love the motif. I’ve got some really great ideas about how you could incorporate light bulbs into a wedding motif. Don’t even get me started! Imagine all the possibilities while you bask in the goodness of everything MaeMae…

Happy Friday, my dear sweet readers! Enjoy your weekend!


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A Room Becomes a Wedding!

When looking for wedding inspiration, brides often limit themselves to what’s already been done in weddings. As a stylist, I’m always looking for inspiration from any source imaginable, and encourage brides to do the same. If they want to stretch a little, and particularly if they are looking for something fresh and new, what better place to look than interior design?

I recently did a shoot with T&H Photography (who you MUST check out, because they are FAB!) where I decided to do just that–interiors were to be my muse. One of my absolute favorite stylists is Eddie Ross, former Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living and guru of all things fabulous. Eddie designed a living room display for a Bloomingdales window and it provided the perfect inspiration for a wedding! Here’s a peek at where I got my start for our shoot:

Bravery with color and pattern can yield some very striking results, if you’re willing to give it a shot. I mean, I just can’t get enough of that rich royal pink!!! We’re about to get a little crazy on you, so I hope you enjoy this little foray into the wild side of design!

Of course, none of this loveliness could have come together without our amazing team! Be sure to check out the work of T&H Photography, who did an incredible job shooting our scene. I’m also MADLY in love with Aly over at The Vine’s Leaf. Her florals really steal the show! And of course, how darling is the work of Paper and Thread? She incorporates fabric into her stationery design and it’s such a darling touch. We even made the bride’s belt and the groom’s boutonniere out of the fabric she used for the stationery. Oh how I love coordinating mini-details like that. Call me obsessive!

You can also see our shoot featured today on Style Me Pretty, where you’ll find more photos and information on our shoot, including resources and background, so be sure to check it out! I hope you enjoy!


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Engaged: Under a Tree

Wow. So far this week, I’m throwing all kinds of engagement sessions at you. I suppose it’s because so many couples are shooting their engagement sessions right now, while they plan their upcoming weddings. But wedding season is just now starting to kick up, so I promise, real wedding features will be trickling back in very soon. I hope you can survive all this engagement fabulousness in the meantime.

Here’s a sweet little session by Caroline Tran. This location is really killer, and when you combine it with a darling couple and a great photographer, it’s bound to look fab. I particularly love the dress and the suit out in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of suits, let me take a moment to be honest here, ladies. I see too often brides-to-be dress up in a spectacular dress for their engagement session, but they let their man show up in jeans and a collared shirt. Gals… it’s once in a lifetime. (Kind of, anyway). I know it can be really tough to do, you know, to get your guy into something a little more GQ than his everyday duds. But it’s really worth it. Buy him a great outfit. Spiff him up. It’ll be worth it! I promise. Don’t outshine your man THAT much.

Can’t wait until you see what I get to bring to you tomorrow!!! (It deserves THREE exclamation points… I swear.)


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Spring Has Sprung!

Here are some more beautiful photos of yesterday’s couple by Mastin Studio. Oh how I love spring trees!!!


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Library Love: Leila and Tim

I totally adore this darling couple and their love shoot in the library. Mastin Sudio shot this and I’ve got to say, they are killing on the awesome locations! This is part one of the engagement. Part two is totally different, so it gets it’s own post and you’ll see it soon! (Do I need to tell you how much I LOVE the wardrobes here?)


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Engaged: Leeza and Blake

Here’s another session shot by Blue Kite Photo, who I just LOVE. All the simple details they shot really add tons of interest to this session. I know, I know. I’m beating a dead horse. But let’s get creative people!!! No more boring poses in front of (steps, building, fountain, bridge, street, river, mountain, statue, et. al.). Pulling together a cohesive and creative concept that tells a story makes for images that take us viewers on a journey with you. Tell us a story!!! Add some interest! Mix it up!!! (Is that enough exclamation points or what?)


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A Love Shoot

I’ve got not one, but TWO super great little sessions for you today. A love shoot AND an engagement shoot.

First up, this darling little love session shot by Blue Kite Photo. There’s something about a little sign and some polaroids that just really make it work for me! Check back in a few hours for a GREAT engagement session!


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