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Lo Boheme

Have you bought your Hitched tickets yet? They are almost gone! And you’ve really got to see our fashion show! We just added another beautiful vendor: Lo Boheme will be sharing a few pieces in the show. I’m feeling so inspired by this piece of theirs:


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31 Bits Does Fall

This past year, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of styling for 31 Bits–they are a really inspiring company and every time they call me in for a shoot, I’m always thrilled. Of course, their photographer Trever Hoehne is perfection. Literally. He makes everything look insane. That said, I wanted to share just a few images with you from their Fall Look Book. Though it’s not a wedding, I thought it’d be fun to tell you a little about what goes in to styling a commercial shoot like this.

When you have a particular product you’re working on featuring, I’ve found it’s important to style a wardrobe that is both unique, textural, layered and interesting, yet at the service of the jewelery. We want there to be enough contrast so that the beads pop, but not so much that you don’t notice the beads. Our wardrobe needed to convey a more sophisticated Fall look while still subscribing to the West Coast spirit that epitomize 31 Bits. Anyhow, here’s a little peek at some of the commercial work I’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy!

We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled programming later today… I’ve got a sweet little real wedding for you this afternoon!


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Pauline in Paris

Meghan McSweeney photographed a very lovely shoot for jewelry designer Pauline in Paris. The images were so sweet, and the jewelry so unique, I thought I’d share a bit. Check out Grey Likes Baby today for a few more images of little ones.

The awesome vendors that contributed to make this shoot possible include stylist/designer Lindsay Averette of LK Events and DesignDresses, Plelaides Vintage Bridal (804) 340-2966 (She is seriously the goddess of everything vintage. You name is, she’s got it), and Carolyn Young who designed the flowers and props.


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Tree and Kimball

Love these lace gone jewelry necklaces. Tree and Kimball has a variety of designs that are most definitely unique and lovely.




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Accessorize with Banana

No, not the fruit. The Republic. Of Banana, that is. (Wouldn’t it be cool if that were actually a place. Yeah, I live in The Banana Republic. No big deal. Then again…maybe it does exist. My geography skills are totally sub par.)

ANYHOW! Check out some of their new goodies:

bananajewelryWho wouldn’t love a statement necklace like that? YUM. I’d like to seem some bridesmaids donning these wares.


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Giveaway, just like I promised!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Mia Beads, whose LOVELY jewelry is on my wish list! In order to enter the contest, as usual, leave a comment. We’re gonna shake things up a little this week though. I’m going to put your comments in a hat this week, so if you’d like to be entered THREE times, instead of just one, mention Grey Likes Weddings on your own blog, a MySpace bulletin, or on Facebook. Provide a link in the comment section, and you’ll be entered into the drawing THREE times. That’s right. Tres. Trois. Thrice. Trio. You get the idea. 

Special thanks for Mia Beads for the giveaway! Check out her store for all kinds of delicious baubles. Next week, I’ll announce the winner, who’ll get their choice of the earrings below. 





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I find this necklace to be absolutely charming. Do you love me? Oui! Will you marry me? Oui! Perhaps this might be a lovely piece for your rehearsal dinner. OR…maybe a great engagement gift for a friend. Or maybe just a super cute necklace you need, no matter what. 



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Lulu Splendor: Vintage Chic Accessories

I found Lulu Splendor while perusing Etsy and I absolutely fell in love with her designs. They are part vintage, part chic, and completely fabulous. The whole brooch/jewelry in hair trend is oh so fabulous. And feathers? Stop it! Too cute!






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Wear It & Declare It!

Ummm….this is so cute. If I were newly engaged, this ring might be ever present on my right hand…just in case the giant (I wish!) gleaming stone on my left hand were not in the line of sight. And if one of my friends were newly engaged, I might just buy this for her. What the hay?!? I’m happy as it is. This may be on my finger before you count to ten! il_430xn60186830


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I LOVE these necklaces…they’re a great everyday kind of necklace and when I put one of these on, it hangs around (pun TOTALLY intended) for quite some time before I manage to take it off. If I were a bridesmaid, I’d be oh so happy to receive one of these as a gift, because I could wear it forever and a day.



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