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Cynthia Warren Design

If you aren’t yet familiar with Cynthia Warren Design, you most definitely ought to be. I’m taking it upon myself to introduce to you her work, which is altogether the most charming portfolio I’ve seen. I just can’t get enough!

Special thanks to Cynthia who allowed me to share all these goodies with you.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 5



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Weekend Breather: Keeping It Simple

Happy FRIDAY!!! No more work for two whole days! Aren’t you excited? I’m taking off early today to start preparations for a wedding that I’m working on this weekend. While I’m designing flowers, I thought I’d offer a little reminder that we sometimes forget when we’re carried away with the stress of wedding planning.

f45c26939d74ef2a77d3a5ee612a3227f650ecc5_mvia Design Sponge

KEEP IT SIMPLE! Sometimes one stem, in a simple vintage bottle can really turn on the charm and do just as good a job as anything else. No matter what you’re doing or planning for your wedding or just for this weekend, remember that keeping it simple always does the trick.

**Announcement: Katee Grace is giving away an entire wedding photography package. Her work is absolutely beautiful, so if you’re interested in entering, head to her blog, here.

Happy Weekend!


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Peachy Keen

Peach? Mint green? How can you not love it?


Sources left to right from top: 1. The Knot 2. Hello Lucky 3. Etsy 4. The Knot 5. Lovely Package 6. The Knot 7. & 8. The Party Dress 9. Unknown


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Pretty Alcohol: A Bevy of Uses

Remember that whole “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” notion? Well, I don’t entirely agree. Especially when the cover is worth framing. Right? Anyhow, I’ve got some alcohol for you today, all from Lovely Package, that is so good lookin’, you’ll be feeling loopy without even taking a sip. I’ve even come up with three uses that will most definitely justify their immediate purchase.

Use One: The groomsmen. These fellas deserve a gift or two, and what’s not to love about a nice bottle of spirits? However, I don’t recommend a run to the Quickie-Mart for a bottle of standard fare. You’re gift will seem hurried and thoughtless. Say it isn’t so! Instead, opt for a more custom approach, with a bottle that speaks “You mean the world to us” through the label alone.




st-germainIt’s a flask and bottle of vodka in one:


Use Two: DIY Wedding Bar. Are you one of those brides who is lucky enough to be hosting a wedding in a backyard/farm/forrest/private residence? We should all be so lucky! In that case, I love the idea of a DIY Bar for your guests. You’ll be shocked at how much cheaper it is to purchase your own liquor. Why not provide a fully stocked bar with fun recipes (written on a chalkboard, perhaps) and all the accoutrements? Sounds a little crazy, but if you’re having a small wedding, I think the idea might be fun and will most assuredly cut costs. Whether or not you have a bartender, the bar does need to look pretty, so….


And how appropriate is Love Joy Vodka for a wedding? I LoveJoy it!


It’s Brandy…and I LOVE it!


Use Three: The Nest. Perhaps you love to entertain, and harken back the days when a proper host shook up Sinatra-style libations–straight up, dirty, with olives. If you’re putting together a collection of spirits, you most definitely ought to make it pretty…especially if it will be on display.




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Love Birds

I’m all about the love birds on the cake. I just can’t say no! And Ashley Anna Brown makes a version that is not only handmade from vintage fabrics, but also priced rather nicely. How sweet?



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Inspiration: Where does it come from?

To follow up with last week’s post on how to find inspiration “out of the box” I thought I’d keep with the idea (because I find it rather refreshing) and share this board with you. Pink with a side of pink, I know. But hey…who doesn’t love a little romance from time to time?


Sources left to right from top: 1. Oh Joy! 2. Rebecca Thuss 3. Flickr 4. Studio Violet 5. Christian Dior


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Engagement Session: Sunny and Eddie

This engagement session is particularly adorable because the couple is having a carnival themed wedding next month, so they ran with the idea and chose to reflect the carnival look in their engagement photos as well. OH SO CUTE! Photographer Youkeun Oh sent these over and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share them with you.


engagement 510


engagement 665


engagement 570



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Real Wedding: Jessie and Mike

When Amanda, from Love Me Do Photography, sent over the images of this wedding, I nearly fell out of my seat. As you’ll see, the bride chose to wear red instead of the traditional white. And I can’t imagine a more exquisite red dress than this one, which the bride made herself from a vintage ball gown. As if it couldn’t get any more amazing…check out this stunning location (Valley Green Inn in Philadelphia), thoughtful details and incredibly amazing lighting fixture in the reception area. Then again…it all pales in comparison to the red dress! Swoon!



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The Bridesmaid Gift, Ed. 01: Bath and Body

Bridesmaids. Poor girls. Planning and paying for showers. Buying expensive dresses, shoes and jewelry (that they’ll likely only wear once). Shelling out more for flights, wedding day pedicures and waxed eyebrows, bachelorette activities, not to mention engagement, shower and wedding gifts. Dealing with emotional meltdowns (be it the bride-to-be, her mom, or Aunt Lucille), awkward introductions and hostess duties (make Cousin Janie feel comfortable…she doesn’t know anyone).

The list goes on. Ad nauseum.

I feel bad for the poor girls. It’s not like they could have said no.

My dear brides, don’t forget how much hard work goes into being a maid. If you’ve been there, you know. They deserve a little pampering and appreciation for all their hard work. I know weddings can be a drain on the bank account, but do not forget to save room in the budget for showing these girls just how thankful you are for all they’ve done. So, in honor of the terribly difficult (yet absolutely delightful) job of bridesmaid, I’ll be taking this week to feature finds for your bridesmaid gifts.

Today, I’m starting off with Boots’ beauty products, which as luck would have it, are priced rather affordably and available at your friendly neighborhood Target. (Oh Target, how I love thee!). How lovely would an assortment of these look in a vintage tin box or over-sized apothecary jar?



via Lovely Package

You can also opt for these fabulous bath and beauty pretties from Basin White.






via Lovely Package

If you’re lucky enough to have some real coin to spare, I’d pair an assortment of beautiful bath and body products with an hour massage, or even a pedi-mani combo (most definitely to be given by a professional, just in case you thought an IOU would work). Now THAT’S some real pampering.

If you’ve got a great suggestion for gifts, or received something fabulous, tell us about it! I’ll be sharing more maid-worthy gifts all week!


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Real Wedding: Alyssa and Marty

I absolutely LOVE this wedding shot by Jennifer Dery. The look is both organic and feminine and I particularly adore the “canopy” that the couple were married under.

Happy Friday, my lovelies!



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