Grey, you say?

Dearest Reader,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and my rather delightful little obsession with pretty things. I’m sure you know there is no other event on this earth quite like a wedding, which is a day where we pack as many pretty things into it as possible. I am, therefore, totally hooked.

Weddings are the uniquely unequivocal opportunity for us to act extravagantly… where it is okay to walk around with a big bunch of flowers in your hand, make all your friends wear the same dress and be the absolute center of attention.

Weddings transcend reality because they represent so much more than cakes and champagne toasts. They combine a sacred union, dance party, family reunion, extravagant meal and fashion show all into one. That being said, it is a huge blast planning a wedding…whether it is for yourself, your sister, your mom, or your best friend.

Whether you are a DIY bride who wants to infuse her wedding with homemade wonders, a bride who yearns for pearls, satin and pink peonies, a faithful maid of honor, a wedding designer, or even a lover of pretty things, I hope this blog can inspire you. As a floral and wedding designer and consultant, I love to discover, document and share the best ideas out there, so hopefully this will be a place you’ll love to come back to.  

Lastly, thank you for coming to this blog. Please come back, if you are so inclined. And please, tell your friends about Grey Likes Weddings. (That is if you like coming here and it pleases you to do so). We would love to have lots of friends. Feedback and comments are much obliged.

Best Regards,




29 responses to “Grey, you say?

  1. Your site is really awesome. I am happy to see things like this for those brides-to-be. I am going to add you to my website! 🙂 Best to you! 🙂

  2. Truly lovely! Can’t wait to read more.

  3. I love, love, love your site! I will be hooked on reading it every day-Jen:)

  4. Grey

    YAY!!! Thank you so much!!! Tell your friends…we LOVE having more {grey} readers.

  5. Harmony

    Your site is just the inspiration that I need to get me through these final months of wedding planning… Thanks for finding all of these beautiful things so that I don’t have to!

  6. love your site! I’m working on my new brand right now so, a new site and blog are coming soon! As soon as I launch it all I will totally be blogging about your blog 🙂 Can’t wait to tell all my brides about your site. I’m sure they’ll love it!
    p.s. I’ll let you know when I blog about you! 🙂

  7. So glad I stumbled on to your blog via Jessica Claire’s blog! I’d love to share your blog with our brides. Great stuff! Thanks much!

  8. Grey

    I would love that!!! Thank you so much!

  9. we LOVE it all! fabulous ideas and we will be sending all of our brides to your blog!!!! xoxo

  10. Sarah

    I love your site so much! I have one question… why is there a little black smiley face in the right-hand top corner of your blog??

  11. summer, i do have to say i’m quite impressed with how this is all turning out for you. well done, friend! 🙂

  12. Rachel Leigh

    I am absolutely in love with your website. My boyfriend and I are going to be engaged sometime soon (yay!) and this is my go-to site for daydreaming and scheming about our big day. You are fabulous!

  13. I wanted to say that I am with you! I just love weddings, and even though mine was a year ago, I cant help but keep drinking up all the loveliness! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas…keep digging up pretty things!

  14. Love this! Wish I would have found it before my wedding. What a great resource. I’ll be directing any of my wedding clients to you:)
    Much Love!
    Krista Leigh Hurst Photography

  15. Grey

    Thanks so much Krista!!!

  16. I love your website!!! I will be checking often to see all of your comments and good wedding advice!

  17. Kerri

    I just LOVE your Blog…I am starting my own (newbie 🙂 but love other inspirational Blogs and found yours to be just FABULOUS!!!

  18. Kim Westra

    I love looking at all your pictures, information and great ideas..I am showing my boss your website on monday she is getting married in June..Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face every time I visit your site!

  19. As the main wedding co-coordinator for the largest tent rental company in Atlantic Canada; I am often sending brides links to things that I think would help them feel inspired along the way. Found your blog just recently & have just posted a link to my twitter page. Happy to share this great site!

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  21. Summer. {GREY} is definitely a favorite. 🙂 you’re ideas and creativity are fantastic! Its awesome to have you part of this industry! Hopefully we’ll bump into each other soon enough!

  22. I love this blog! And…I’m now a follower 🙂 Would love for you to check out my own obsession with all things pretty and weddings 🙂

    Thanks for what you do!

  23. Hi Summer, I definitely Love your ideas and picks. I’m officially a follower of your great blog! (I don’t like to be a follower, but this time I’m proud of it!)
    I have my own little wedding blog and soon I’m going to quote you!
    Come and visit, you’re welcome:

    CIAO from Italy!

  24. this blog is awesome!

  25. iheartvanillabean

    i totally heart this blog! it’s a great source of inspiration. =)

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