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Peachy Keen

Peach? Mint green? How can you not love it?


Sources left to right from top: 1. The Knot 2. Hello Lucky 3. Etsy 4. The Knot 5. Lovely Package 6. The Knot 7. & 8. The Party Dress 9. Unknown



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Inspiration: Where do you find it?

Brides these days have no end to the number of resources available for them from which to gather inspiration. With a plethora of blogs and magazines taking care of the guess work, it has become much easier to find and set a foundation for one’s wedding. That being said, I think it is important to remember that inspiration can be found in unexpected places. It is vital to keep your mind open to what may spark the AHA! moment.

Case in point. I saw this gorgeous poster on the interwebs (from Zhou Fan)


…and I thought, What a lovely wedding would this make. Here’s an attempt at translating art into event…


So if you are undecided (or overwhelmed by the mass of wedding inspiration), go therefore and be inspired without limiting yourself to just wedding-ish stuff. Find something you absolutely LOVE and no matter where it is from or what it is, use that as your guiding force. My darling friend Jessica Claire is doing just that. Her wedding is based on a pair of shoes. What do you know?

Sources left to right from top: 1. Martha Stewart 2. Rebecca Thuss 3. Aaron Delesie via Green Wedding Shoes 4. Favor Ideas 5. {Frolic!} 6. Tastefully Entertaining 7. ffffound 8. Rebecca Thuss 9. Rebecca Thuss


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