Engaged: Leeza and Blake

Here’s another session shot by Blue Kite Photo, who I just LOVE. All the simple details they shot really add tons of interest to this session. I know, I know. I’m beating a dead horse. But let’s get creative people!!! No more boring poses in front of (steps, building, fountain, bridge, street, river, mountain, statue, et. al.). Pulling together a cohesive and creative concept that tells a story makes for images that take us viewers on a journey with you. Tell us a story!!! Add some interest! Mix it up!!! (Is that enough exclamation points or what?)



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5 responses to “Engaged: Leeza and Blake

  1. Very sweet. Just a little romp in the park. Love it.

  2. Adorable! I love the props, especially the colourful quilt

  3. Oooooo gorgeous!! Great concept and I kind of want that quilt. Ok, I REALLY want that quilt. Fantastic session!

  4. Grey

    I KNOW!!! That quilt is killing me! We are on a need to have situation, here!

  5. The quilt and bike are killing me! Great post!

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