Engaged: Under a Tree

Wow. So far this week, I’m throwing all kinds of engagement sessions at you. I suppose it’s because so many couples are shooting their engagement sessions right now, while they plan their upcoming weddings. But wedding season is just now starting to kick up, so I promise, real wedding features will be trickling back in very soon. I hope you can survive all this engagement fabulousness in the meantime.

Here’s a sweet little session by Caroline Tran. This location is really killer, and when you combine it with a darling couple and a great photographer, it’s bound to look fab. I particularly love the dress and the suit out in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of suits, let me take a moment to be honest here, ladies. I see too often brides-to-be dress up in a spectacular dress for their engagement session, but they let their man show up in jeans and a collared shirt. Gals… it’s once in a lifetime. (Kind of, anyway). I know it can be really tough to do, you know, to get your guy into something a little more GQ than his everyday duds. But it’s really worth it. Buy him a great outfit. Spiff him up. It’ll be worth it! I promise. Don’t outshine your man THAT much.

Can’t wait until you see what I get to bring to you tomorrow!!! (It deserves THREE exclamation points… I swear.)



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10 responses to “Engaged: Under a Tree

  1. i am in love with the bride-to-be’s pretty outfits! this last picture that is just silhouettes is stunning!! love big trees!

  2. so so cute! love the shot of them kissing under the tree. great advice about the suit, too!! 🙂

  3. Eliza Lewis

    I love your blog. Seeing all the photo shoots is great!

  4. love the last two especially. caroline always has the most beautiful images.

  5. Margaret

    OH MY! Loves these! The last one is truly amazing! I wish it was my photo, hee!

  6. Cute photos…I love her lil’ dress!

  7. Caroline’s work is always so amazing !

  8. mae

    Where did she get that yellow dress? I love it!!! So beautiful!

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