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Introducing Ari

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally wrangled up some help for our first guest post on MUSIC. Ari Rosenfield of Beat Train Productions has put together a super rad cocktail mix for our readers. In honor of his mix, I thought I’d share some food and spirits to enjoy during your cocktail hour. So while you groove to Ari’s tunes, enjoy the delicious shots below. Click on photos for links to sources.

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Hello World,

My name is Ari Rosenfield. I’m a professional DJ based in Boston Massachusetts, and the owner of Beat Train Productions.

One of our main focuses is working with our clients to help create distinctive musical landscapes for their events. Today I’m including with this post, a playlist and music mix from the first half hour of a cocktail hour at a recent wedding in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The couple wanted me to provide music that was retro, hip, and lively. The songs in this mix are a combination of american funk records and songs from European movie and tv soundtracks, from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Every event I DJ at is unique. This is a mix from a specific event. It’s not necessarily a “recommended” playlist (but seriously, do you really not want to incorporate “Superfly” into your wedding).

Herbie Hancock-Bring Down the Birds
Meters-Cissy Strut
Nino Nardini-Trampoline
Michael Legrand-Come Ray Come Charles
I Marc 4-Sweat Beat
Keith Mansfield-Powerhouse Pop
Studio G’s Beat Group-Hi Bird
Curtis Mayfield-Superfly
Jean Jacques Perrey-E.V.A.
Pucho and his Latin Soul Bros.-Got Myself a Good Man
the J.B.’s-Damn Right, I am Somebody
Rudy Robinson and the Hungry Five-Got it Together
Shirley Bassey-Light My Fire

you can listen to the mix here

Hope you enjoy it.

Yours Truly,

p.s. if you’re curious, you can hear more of my mixes at my Blog. and at my Website.

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Magenta: The Pretty Sister

So I finally figured out why I don’t get along with purple. She’s jealous–I prefer her much prettier sister, magenta. This vibrant hue caught my eye when it made an appearance in the form of bridesmaid fashion in the Ojai Valley Inn real wedding I just featured here. The dress is such a flirty color, I had to create a palette just to match it. Magenta proved a slight challenge to locate, but alas I have gathered some stunning beauties for you today. One of the things I love most about the look, is that you don’t see this exact color very often. If you’re looking for a little out of the ordinary, this is for you. Albeit illusive, the much prettier sister, Magenta, is totally doable.


Sources left to right from top: 1. Martha Stewart 2. Etsy 3. Nelle Handbags 4. The Wedding Planner 5. Design by Jill LaFleur; Photo by Joy Marie 6. Blue Orchid 7. Etsy 8. Etsy 9. Design by Jill LaFleur; Photo by Joy Marie


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