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Bachelorette in Joshua Tree

If you didn’t already see the photos of the Joshua Tree “Wild Things Bachelorette”, you must IMMEDIATELY go to Utterly Engaged and Erin Hearts Court for tons of AMAZING photos of the most inspirational bachelorette ideas. There aren’t enough superlatives to convey how much I adore the styling by Paige of Bash Eco Events and Kelly of Yes Please Design as well as the creative direction of Utterly Engaged’s Lucia Dinh. And Erin Hearts Court Photography? Does it get any better? Pretty sure not. Here are a few pics by Erin Hearts Court…but you MUST go check out more here and here! Great job to all involved!!!



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Head Gear: The Hippie Band

These headbands, adorned ever so bravely across one’s forehead, are all the rage. If you’ve got the gumption to pull these off, then look no further than Ice Cream Candy, whose collection of handmade headbands have me reaching for the credit card. How cute would these look for an engagement session? Or perhaps bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or dancing and leaving at your wedding? Come on! I dare you!






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To trend or not to trend?

023{Meg Perotti}

There is a quirky little paradox in this wedding world of ours. On one hand, we love to scour the world wide web in search of new ideas and inspiration. BUT, when we see the same ideas circling the blogosphere a few times, it is easy to balk; we get scared away from using some great idea we saw because a few other people already used it and now it’s “too trendy”. This can lead to brides with fabulous intentions to be creative and original, but who are also completely STRESSED!

So a little encouragement (in the case that you need it!) :

Though your aspirations for a magazine worthy wedding are laudable, the important thing is to go with what you love and what inspires you. I think Josie (whose gorgeous wedding to Adam is featured here on Green Wedding Shoes) puts it best:

Before the wedding, I worried that our touches were too trendy, and Adam did a great job of reminding me that, save for a few engaged friends, none of our guests troll wedding blogs all day.

So, to put it plainly: Trend is all relative!

What a comforting thought! With that said, I thought I’d share a few finds for an idea that I STILL love, even though it’s been done. Vintage typewriter = guestbook.

I just love that classic type and the vintage look! Found these goodies by using this search on Etsy.



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DIY: Cupcake Flags

If you’re looking for a way to add some shaBANG to your cupcakes, the always lovely flag technique can add a touch of detail that is so over-the-top, it’ll have your guests declaring your panache for years to come. Martha Stewart has a cupcake flag template download and how-to here, which is a fabulous option if you want to do it yourself, but don’t have quite the artistic chops. Here are some other flags (most of which are available for purchase) to help juice your creative inklings…or to make it that much easier to accomplish such decorative perfection; just click, add to cart and purchase. Done deal.

Martha Stewart

Picture 3

Buttercream’s Custom Cupcake Flags



Calligraphy Cupcake Flags via Elizabeth Anne Designs


Cupcake Girls mix it up with grosgrain ribbon and felt:



And while you’re at it, why not filigree cupcake liners?


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Ruffle Resource

I received a fabulous little gift in my email this morning. It was a message from Jen, our gorgeous bride in yesterday’s wedding telling me where one can score her ruffled caplet:

Picture 16

Hold onto your hats and glasses folks. I’d like you to meet Kate Towers.

Picture 14

Picture 11

Picture 13

Picture 15

Kate is a Portland based designer who creates one-of-a-kind pieces. You can purchase items at her Etsy shop, which she assures us will be full of new goods very soon. But when you’re a designer this good, I imagine it’d be hard to keep anything on the shelves.

Picture 12



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Ruffle My Feathers

*SIGH*  I’m sincerely grateful for the increasing trend in fashion toward femininity and romance. My heart is alight with this flirty little curiosity they call a ruffle. Take a moment and swoon with me, will you?


Sources left to right from top: 1. Eruca 2. Pronovias 3. Twigs and Honey 4.Pronovias 5. Louboutin 6. J.Crew 7. Polyvore 8. Jose Villa 9. Victoria Secret


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Speaking of Vintage Cameras…

My good friend Michael Norwood of MNP Photography gave me permission to share some of his recent polaroid snapshots. Wow! I’m totally in love with the vintage feel of these and I’ve gotta say: I love photographers like Michael who offer such versatility to his clients. Polaroids AND digital? Check please!


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Vintage Cameras

Today on Grey Likes Nesting, we’re all about vintage cameras:

This one already sold since my post this morning.


But I also found this dazzling little 8mm number and it got me thinking…


…about using Super 8mm film for wedding videos. (I know it’s not a new concept…but I wanted to share my love for real film videos!) So I got onto the interwebs, and searched and searched and searched. I wanted to find a video that had just the right vintage feel. And I believe I’ve found it. If I were to style an 8mm shoot for myself, it’d look a lot like this:

For information about videographers that shoot in 8mm film, check out Vintage Glam Weddings for a few great referrals.



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Back with Black!

Well, you all must be wondering what cliff I’ve fallen off of. No posts for two whole days??? Friends, I’d like you to meet the new love of my life, my nephew, Hudson Ryan Collins:






So, I’m sure you can understand why I’ve been away for a few days! But we’re back up and running now, and I’ve got some gorgeous things in store for you. (Besides that baby’s precious little face!!! I just want to nibble on those toes!)

Today, I wanted to share with you a wedding shot by one of my absolute FAVORITE photographers, Trever Hoehne. His work is always to-die-for! I love Justine and Don’s wedding: it’s clean, sophisticated look is both fresh and elegant. Ahhhh!  And, I LOVE black! I want to see more of it!!! So, let’s get into it…









LOVE when bridesmaids get to choose their own dress. And I think this shows how it can work. And black is just so lovely!!! Gorgeous!!!









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Found: Birch Cones

Yesterday I received the following comment on this photo from {GREY} reader, Ashley:

I am having an October wedding with a fall theme. We are incorporating birch trees into our centerpieces and I wanted to know about the birch tree hanging basket. Are they available to purchase? I would need 6 of them for the pews at my church. Thank you!


Since birch is all the rage right now, I thought I’d look into finding where one might purchase such an item. And guess what? I found some birch cones for purchase and you’ll never believe it, but they’re affordable. I can’t begin to tell you how much my “Found” posts make me happy. I think they’re my favorite, because we’re bringing you the sources right from the photos! Here goes:

Muscari sells these cones for only $10, and they come with pre-drilled holes in the sides.



And if that isn’t enough, they sell some other fabulous little ditties to go along with the look like this ring bearer ring cushion:


And these boutonnieres:




And for very well-priced birch bark tubes (especially if you’re buying in bulk for a wedding) like these, check here.


Happy day! Thanks Ashley for the comment. I’m glad I could source these for us all!


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