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Peacock Chic

I’m currently lamenting the loss of our beloved monthly addiction: Domino Magazine. So much so, that last night, I started going through my archived copies. I came across a cover that I really loved and thought I’d do an inspiration palette based on the cover. The beautiful blue colors quickly lead me to peacock feathers, which I happily added. (MADLY in love with those earrings, by the way).

Quick note: For those of you, like me, that love to add gobs of candles to your tables, you ought to strongly consider the amber votives I’ve included here. They are a slight departure from the standard clear glass, and I’d choose them any day over the plain-jane version. I really think these add such a lovely warm glow to tables– quite irresistible, really.


Sources left to right from top: 1. Eva Vintage Earrings from MiaBeads at Etsy 2. U-Handbag 3. Margaux Lite headband from VieModerne via Etsy 4. Oak Leaf Cuff from Bijoutiful at Etsy 5. Beautiful Birds from Quirky’n Berkeley via Etsy 6. Hegat 7. Paper Crave 8. Paris Parfait via Elizabeth Anne Designs 9. Amber Votive 10. Image Shack 11. Marchesa dress 12. Source

Found this GORGEOUS ring from DiVanity Design after the fact and HAD to feature it. Swoon.




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