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Couples Profiled: Paris

We’re getting ready to wrap up honeymoon week tomorrow and I must say, I’ve really got travel fever! Today, we’re profiling couples, and matching destinations with their personalities. To spice it up a bit, we’ve matched up a few wardrobe ideas to go with each destination. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun imagining yourself there as we did coming up with all these ideas. Our first destination is Paris. Here’s Katie to tell you more:

A lot of couples that contact me don’t know where they want to go for their honeymoon.  They have an idea of the types of things they will want to do, but don’t know which destination would be best.  This is really fun for me!  I love learning about couples and then suggesting honeymoon options for them.  Today we’ll feature descriptions of a few couples, and the honeymoon I would suggest for them.


…You share a love of great food, wine and meeting new people. She loves photography and he loves architecture. You want to spend the first few days relaxing and unwinding from your wedding, and then you want to explore beautiful new places together…


Start in Eze France, which is a gorgeous small medieval town located between in the South of France.  You can spend a few days relaxing and indulging in great food and wine, and then take day trips to explore nearby towns such as Nice and Monte Carlo.

Stay at the incredibly charming Cap Estel Hotel in Eze.  Relax in total luxury while being surrounded by the Mediterranean.  This hotel is very private and secluded, offers both an infinity pool and a private beach, and even has its own park with gardens.

While exploring the coast in the south of France, we love these looks:

FOR HER: Hat. Shirt dress. Earrings. Ring. Sunglasses. Sandals. Leather tote.

FOR HIM: Shirt. Shorts. Sunglasses. Topsiders. Sportcoat.

After some relaxation along the French coastline, take the train up to Paris and stay at Le Pavillion de la Reine Hotel.  This area of Paris is filled with boutiques, small cafes, French bakeries, and small winding streets.

The hotel is located right on Place des Vosges which is a quaint, quiet square that feels really private, despite being in the heart of the Marais District.

It is impossible to deny the romance that is Paris.  Indulge in crepes, have a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens, and catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower sparking at night.

Love the idea of heading to Paris? Here’s what we’d love to see Parisian honeymooners in:

FOR HER: Pea Coat. Tank. Skirt. Panama Hat. Necklace. Ring. Shoes. Tote.

FOR HIM: Crew Neck Tee. Cardigan. Watch. Denim. Boots. Messenger Bag. Sunglasses.

Check back later today! We’ve got two more couples and two more breathtaking destinations!



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31 Bits Does Fall

This past year, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of styling for 31 Bits–they are a really inspiring company and every time they call me in for a shoot, I’m always thrilled. Of course, their photographer Trever Hoehne is perfection. Literally. He makes everything look insane. That said, I wanted to share just a few images with you from their Fall Look Book. Though it’s not a wedding, I thought it’d be fun to tell you a little about what goes in to styling a commercial shoot like this.

When you have a particular product you’re working on featuring, I’ve found it’s important to style a wardrobe that is both unique, textural, layered and interesting, yet at the service of the jewelery. We want there to be enough contrast so that the beads pop, but not so much that you don’t notice the beads. Our wardrobe needed to convey a more sophisticated Fall look while still subscribing to the West Coast spirit that epitomize 31 Bits. Anyhow, here’s a little peek at some of the commercial work I’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy!

We’ll get back to the regularly scheduled programming later today… I’ve got a sweet little real wedding for you this afternoon!


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Sally Dixon

My web travels last night lead me to stylist Sally Dixon, and I was so inspired by her work, that I felt compelled to share her work with you. Eat your heart out…


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Fashionista Vista: Nothing But My Tee Shirt On

As always, I am thrilled to welcome back Fashionista Vista for another installment. This week, she’s got some great finds for us gals who are looking to casually impress our adoring men. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It seems like every time I pick up a fashion magazine with the blurb “What Men Want” emblazoned on the cover (which, let’s face it, is pretty much every glossy mag since the dawn of time), I am once again reminded that those smelly boys love us most when we’re relaxing in just our tee shirts and jeans.   Now, my first thought after reading this – the “just be yourself” of fashion advice – is always…


‘Cause the last time my husband’s jaw dropped in reaction to one of my ensembles, I’m pretty sure it was in reaction to something with a little less cotton content.

But, who am I to argue against statistics gathered by the Mensa Members over at Cosmo?  So, while I won’t even attempt to recommend clothing items as personal in fit as jeans, I will bring you a survey of the very best cotton shirts that summer has to offer!  After all, it is the fabric of our lives!

: : CLASSIC : :

Every gal needs an arsenal of tees and tanks she can count on – to hold up wash after wash, to implement for that ever-popular layering look, and to throw on for all those everyday moments in life.  Yep, they’re simple – but pair them with your favorite pair of blues and you’ll look instantly polished and all-American!  Added bonus: when cooler weather comes blowing in, a classic tee shirt is a sweater’s best friend.

GAP Striped Summer T – $9.99


Old Navy Slub-Knit Puff-Sleeve Tee – $12.50


Old Navy Women’s Long Layering Tanks – $8.50



: : FLIRTY : :

Still comfy-cozy, these tees add a dash of sass to the mix – perfect for a homebody date night…  Maybe these instigated all that male-hubbub!

J. Crew Tissue Ruffle V-Neck Tee in Light Flamingo – $32.50***

Picture 1

***Unabashed Fashion Advice Moment… Personally, this is by far my favorite tee of the year!  Flattering in all sizes and available in a range of colors, I wear this top 24/7 after work and on the weekends.

Anthropologie In-Good-Company Tee – $68.00

Picture 3


J. Crew Perfect Fit Corsage Scoopneck Tee – $29.50

Picture 4


: : FUNKY : :

Effortless with an edge: these tops are begging to be taken to outdoor concert, for drinks at the newest patio spot in town, or to a warm weather sporting event!

J.Crew Sunbleached Crinkle Flower Tee in Caspian Blue – $42.50

Picture 5

GAP Tie-Dye Racerback Tank – $19.50


Freak Zoo Short Sleeve Tee – $30.00

Picture 6

There you have it – comfort and style all wrapped up into the quintessential (and man-approved?) fashion staple!  So go forth and swath yourself in cotton!

 And as always, Shop Strong and Walk Tall, Ladies!



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Three Frocks for Sun, Fun and Frolic!

Dear Readers,

No words can express how lucky I feel that we have our darling Fashionista Vista as our guest blogger. What the heck? Shouldn’t she be busy writing books? Anyhow, I’m more than thrilled to welcome her back for a new installment on all things summer!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Summer is peaking its head around the corner (or barreling full-steam down the corridor here in Texas), and that means its crunch-time for all of our poolside, lakeside, beachside preparations. And, for some of you lucky honeymooners out there, it means a blissful tropical vacation lingering on the horizon. Having just recently returned from my own ocean paradise, I feel obliged to share with you – lovely little fashionistas – these three items that will faithfully take you from the bedroom, to the beach, to cocktails, and back again.

: : The Cover-Up That Doesn’t Look Like a Cover-Up : :

When it comes to beach attire, think flirty – not frumpy! Leave your running shorts and old college tees in your gym bag, and please, for the love of all things couture, kick that flowered sarong back to 1999 where it belongs! Instead, pair your favorite swimsuit with a gauzy beach dress, a boldly printed tunic, or a nautical number for a look that will take you effortlessly from sunbathing to umbrella-drinks at the cabana.

Lightweight Gauze Ruffle Cover-Up Dress


Shoshanna “Poolside Paisley” Cover-Up

Knot-Front Dress

: : The Knit or Jersey Maxi Dress : :

Let’s be honest here… inevitably you’re going to have one too many of those umbrella-drinks we just mentioned and you’ll forget a step during the all-important sunscreen-reapplication / perfect-tan, stomach-to-back-rotation routine.  Left in the throws of a “Oh Fudgesicle, I Look Like a Lobster” Moment, what’s a girl to do with dinner reservations looming large?

Enter: the Maxi Dress – one of this season’s hottest looks, it’s also a life-saver on sunburned skin when constructed of breezy knit or jersey.  If fitted properly and double-lined, most Maxis will rid you of the need to irritate your epidermis further with pesky underwire.  Or, if you belong to the more well-endowed sector of our sisterhood, choose a Maxi with a sturdy built-in bra (Victoria’s Secret has a great selection of bra-top dresses in all shapes, sizes and colors).

{A Note on selecting the right Maxi for your shape: If you’re petite and/or boast shapely curves, one solid color works best to elongate and streamline your figure.  If you’re tall and/or slender, take chances with vibrant prints.}

Haven “Lanai” Printed Knit Maxi


Velvet Torch Color Block Maxi


Rachel Pally White Label One Shoulder Maxi


Halter Bra Top Maxi Dress


: : The Comfy / Sexy Nightie : :

Before your Significant Others bust out the rotten tomatoes, let me say that I fully encourage the packing of seriously seductive lingerie on any and all getaways!  However, it’s hard to comfortably blow-dry your hair in that bustier and garter combo.  And that lazy afternoon spent watching the movie channels during an impromptu rainstorm?  Soooo not as pleasant if all you have to lounge in is that French maid getup.

Luckily, these little numbers will keep you feeling saucy even without the XXX rating (or the synthetic fibers!).

Super-Soft Lacey Nightgown

gp652072-00vliv01Josie Sweet Pea Chemise


Knit Eyelet-Trim Nightie


Happy Packing!  And, as always, Shop Strong and Walk Tall, Ladies!


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Fashionista Vista: Brights vs. Whites – The Great Debate

I am so dang excited to welcome back Fashionista Vista, who has been doing important things like getting married and going on her honeymoon. What gives? Anyhow, she has some really great post-wedding bridal advice for you all, which I’m going to share early next week. However, today we’re luck enough to get a new installment of our beloved Fashionista Vista. Without further ado…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fashionista Vista, back at it, with a real mind-bender today…

: : B R I G H T S  VS.  W H I T E S — T H E  G R E A T  D E B A T E : :

Joining the ranks of such intense rivalries as “Mustard vs. Ketchup,” “Chunky vs. Smooth,” “Thin Mint vs. Shortbread”  (hmmm or maybe I’m just hungry…) is one of those burning decisions you never knew existed but suddenly seem to be facing when planning a wedding…

What do I wear to my Bridal Shower? And Bridesmaid Luncheon? And Lingerie Soiree? And Engagement Photo Shoot?

Do I wear all white to every wedding event?  After all, I am (dum-dum-da-dum) “The Bride” – shouldn’t I milk it for all its freakin’ worth?   You know, get in on all those cute white sundresses while the gettin’s good?

Or do I spice it up with a pop of color?  Because I am (dum-dum-da-dum) “The Bride” – shouldn’t I stand out?  Make a statement that draws all eyes to me?

Before making a rash decision (heavens no!), consider this:

  • There are sure to be multiple events (aside from The Big Daddy: The Wedding) thrown in honor of You (oh, and you know, that cute dude, what’s his face… your fiancé)… showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, brunches, etc.
  • Plus, there’s a high probability that you will be photographed more during this period of your life than any other (disregarding that whole “Mom took 872 naked pictures of me in my first bath” episode).

So what’s a girl to do?  Don’t fret, my pets – I’ve got you covered.

: : W H I T E S : :

Enjoy the idea of donning the official bridal color but afraid of potential fashion-wall-flower status?  Lucky for us, Marilyn Monroe’s moment with the subway vent and Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” video took care of that whole “white = demure and virginal” thing back in the day, so scout out frocks with a heavy does of flirt!


  • Ain’t no mistaken who you are, missy!
  • There is no better color to highlight that pre-wedding “glow” (yes, I know it’s hard-earned from the tanning bed / bronzing bottle / poolside, but your secret’s safe with me!)


  • A poorly cut piece in white can pack on the visual poundage
  • Two words: “cliché potential”

So, if you’re a “Go White or Go Home” Bride, here are some tips for picking the perfect ensemble. Hunt out your most flattering fit.  White is an unforgiving little sasspot, so give yourself a head start by finding the fit that best flatters your body type.  Cinch in a tiny waste; highlight killer legs; flaunt a full bust-line – just pick what works best for YOU!

  1. Hunt out your most flattering fit.  White is an unforgiving little sasspot, so give yourself a head start by finding the fit that best flatters your body type.  Cinch in a tiny waste; highlight killer legs; flaunt a full bust-line – just pick what works best for YOU!
  2. In the same vein… Choose top-end fabric.  Thin, clingy black fabric?  Eh, sometimes it works.  Thin, clingy white fabric?  Yep, you look like a poor-man’s Pretty Woman.  Two words, my dears: Double Lining.
  3. Its all in the details.  Yeah, yeah, we all know the bride wears white, but it’s the little embellishments that will set you apart from the crowd!   Ruffles, textures, and detailing will take you from “sweet” to “stylish” in the time you can say “saucy silk burnout!”

Maggy London Tiered Burnout Silk Dress


J. Crew – Printed Erica Dress in Light Pewter


Anthropologie – Galaxy of Dots Dress


J. Crew – Silk Tricotine Cecilia Short Dress in Champagne

Elie Tahari – Karalyn Dress


: : B R I G H T S : :
Coyly smirking in the face of bridal fashion tradition, you aim to be a tulip in a field of lilies!  And in a day and age where a bridal brunch doesn’t (necessarily) translate into white gloves and cucumber sandwiches (thank gaaaawd!), feel free to boogie into spotlight sporting something eye-catching!


  • Brights let a gal’s true personality really shine
  • Purchasing-wise, color is much easier to get right the first time


  • Overhearing a guest muttering “which one’s the darn bride-to-be?” would be a total buzz-kill

So… if you find yourself all choked up when the Muzak of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors streams through the elevator speakers (nary a worry, it’s just the PMS!)… some tips to help you find yours:

  1. Stick with the theme.  Nowadays, pre-wedding events often come with a theme… Is a Mexican Fiesta being thrown in your honor?  Go with oranges and yellows with eyelet or embroidery.  What about a BBQ Rehearsal Dinner?  Pair up bright ruffles with boots.  Dressing the part is a sure signal your guest-of-honor status!
  2. Either keep the color shocking and simple…  Head-to-toe daring color in an unfussy silhouette screams Sass & Class.  But remember to keep the design simple – that pop of color will stand out even more if it’s uninterrupted by unnecessary trappings.
  3. Or surprise ‘em with a audacious print.  Prints can be trixy minxes – god-forbid you blend in with the upholstery or look like you’re attired for a Mommy & Me Outing.  Try bold and retro with an uncomplicated cut, or dazzle in a regal maxi dress.

T-Bags 3-Tiered Maxi Dress


Trina Turk “Bonita” Dress with Belt


BCBG MaxAzaria Ruffle Front Shift Dress


Nanette Lepore – Coming Up Roses Dress


Shoshana Circle Eyelet Dress


: : T H E  P E R F E C T  C O M P R O M I S E : :

What’s that you say? You like mustard and ketchup on your hotdog?  Well alright, Miss Thang! Have your freakin’ wedding cake and eat it too with the likes of these “I want it all!” looks:

Donna Ricco Keyhole Back Border Print Dress


Anthropologie – Coral Way Dress


Anthropologie – Krasna Dress


Shop strong and walk tall, ladies!


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Introducing: Fashionista Vista

OH. MY. GOSH. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am more than overjoyed (think Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s sofa type of overjoyed) to introduce to you our new column Fashionista Vista. Guest blogger, Kate, will be bringing to you the fashion down low. Because I cannot do her any justice, I’ll just hand it over immediately. Without further ado, here is Kate. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ciao Loyal Grey Readers, Fashionista Vista here!  Otherwise known as Kate M. (soon-to-be Kate H!) – a practically-newlywed hailing from Dallas with a passion for fashion, wine, and all things beautiful.  I feel a little intimidated following the oh-so-fabulous Mascara Maven as a guest blogger since she’s… um, you know, “qualified,” and I’m just a loud-mouthed lawyer with an impressive credit card bill.  But I’ll try to get over it (oh, already done!) and carry on with pontificating about the glories of superfluous spending!  

 Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sole-Mates: Five Must-Have Shoes for the Conscious Shopper

 Country Music Maverick Clint Black once crooned “the shoes don’t make the man” (apologies, I’m from Texas)… um, yeah, sorry Clint, but that’s because men’s shoes aren’t all that cute.   And while the fashion savvy member of the fairer sex realizes that being well-shod isn’t (necessarily) a character trait of the highest priority, she also knows that a gorgeous pair of shoes can make the most terrible of days a little brighter! 

Granted there are much more important things to worry your pretty little properly-moisturized foreheads over at the moment, but if you carefully stock your closet with just these five must-haves, you’ll always ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­walk tall, secure in the knowledge that, hey, at least your feet look good!

(1) The Power Shoe

 Like a man in a red tie, a woman in a red shoe demands attention.  The (Correct) Power Shoe says “I am capable and confident, with just the right amount of sass.”  

 Here, “correct” equates to “classic”:  not too pointy (re: too tawdry), not too high of a heel, and just the right shade of red.  It’s somewhat of a holy trifecta, but once you find it, you’ll never look back!  

Ann Klein “Happy” in Red:



Brian Atwood “Patent Pumps” in Red:


Cole Haan Patent Slingbacks:

0402306684043r_300x400 Christian Louboutin Round-Toe Pump:


Stuart Weitzman “Swayed Pump” in Red Quasar: 


(2) The Saucy Summer Sandal

Every summer it’s the same thing – we’re inundated with The IT Sandal…  “Gladiator!”  “Fringe!”  “Grecian!”

(The Proverbial) They scream at us from those oh-so-tempting Neimans early-morning emails!  What’s a girl to do?!  

My advice?  For what its worth, purchase summer sandals that are fun and flirty but that don’t shout “I’m from Summer 2009!”   For a flat look, check out metallics and embellishments that don’t exactly fit into a particular trend cubby.  If you’re hunting for a heeled summer shoe, choose a style that is reminiscent of a T-strap – you’ll be inline with the zipper and cage sandal trends but your purchase will carry over for many summers to come.  Finally, if you’re totally clueless, go for a brightly colored espadrille – always a classic!  

Victoria’s Secret Metallic Thong


Unisa Jeremy:


Rampage “Ramira” in Fuchsia


MICHAEL Michael Kors “Ginger” Sandal in Mocha Metallic Leather:

_5727440 Metallic Midheel Sandal with Crystal Ball by J.Crew


Michael Kors Espadrille Wedges:


Victoria’s Secret Ankle Espadrille Sandal:



(3) The Quintessential Work Pump

Oh the Work Shoe:  sounds boring… sounds practical… sounds mind-numbing… because, hey, this is Corporate America and that’s our motto!  Au contraire mon frair.    This ain’t your mother’s pump: The New Work Shoe is not only comfortable but has sleek and sexy lines that say “yep, I’m good at my job and, as an added plus, I’m also not a drone!” 

If you’re only going to buy one pair of work shoes, opt for black patent pumps.  If you can spring for two, add nude patent pumps – they are sexier than brown, magically add inches upon inches to your legs in a skirt, and go with everything. 

Another tip:  as for draining your 401k on a pair of shoes… my move is always to bust the bank on timeless pumps.  Reasoning: you’ll get the most wear out of them – throw them on from 9 to 5 and then rock them for cocktails at happy hour!  

Stuart Weitzman “Muse” Pump in Black Soft Patent:


Cole Haan “Carma OT Air” Pump in Black Patent:


Christian Louboutin Simple Patent Pumps in Black OR Bone Patent:

0452511420608r_300x4000452511420608r_cbone_300x400 Cole Haan “Carma Air 55” Pump in Sand Patent:


Joan & David “Kiera” Pump in Ivory Patent

_5808953 {a word on patent}: Patent leather is easier to care for than regular leather or suede and, it is appropriate for all seasons in the workplace.  For optimal longevity, rub the surface of your patent shoes with a clean cotton cloth after each wear and store them in a shoe bag.  Oh man, I love a shoe bag.  But that’s a whole other post. 

(4) The Party Shoe

Every girl needs THAT shoe – the one she can pop on with her go-to Little Black Dress and feel stunning with minimal effort. 

These fit the bill, without maxing out the plastic.

Pierre Dumas “Rose” in Gold:


Claudia Ciuti “Marikax” Evening Sandal:

_5728748 White House, Black Market – Satin Rosette Heels:


And these are swoon-worthy… with a heftier price tag:

 J. Crew Carmen Satin Peep Toes:


Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal (le sigh):



(5) The Basic Boot

Yes, yes, they’re not exactly “seasonally appropriate,” but I couldn’t slumber soundly without adding a classic boot to The List (well, that’s totally a lie – I sleep like a baby, but, that’s neither here nor there).   As with the red Power Shoe, the key to selecting a good boot is keeping it classy, sassy, but not trashy!  For boots that defy the trends of today, steer clear of pointy witch toes and super clunky hardware. As far as heels go, hunt out a classic stack heel or a flat-riding boot.

Sudini “Briana” Tall Boot in Black:


Cole Haan “Fabrizia” Tall Boot in Brown:


Stuart Weitzman “Captain” Boot in Black Butter Calf:


Cole Haan “Sierra Air” Tall Boot in Dark Chocolate Suede/Patent:



Shop strong and walk tall, ladies!  


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