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Duet Weddings

I found this gorgeous photoshoot via What Junebug Loves (which is another daily blog read for me!) and I just can’t resist sharing more of the photos with you. I canNOT stop staring, it is just so lovely.

Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings styled the whole shoot and Corbin Gurkin shot the stunning images. Camille Panzarello of Modern Day Design provided the unbelievably perfect florals. The paper suite was provided by Ceci New York. The shoot took place at Crossroads Estate in Santa Barbara. Laura Hooper’s calligraphy appears on the old fence made to welcome guests.















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Fig & Tan

I’m sure you’re SHOCKED I’m doing this color. I mean, purple and I don’t get along right? Well, I’ll tell you what. I recently made friends with a fig, and ever since then, I’ve been okay to hang around purple. At least when I know fig is going to be there.


Sources left to right from top: 1. Snippet & Ink 2. MS Weddings 3. MS Weddings 4. 5. Elizabeth Anne Designs 6. Elizabeth Anne Designs 7. Little Bird Eats 8.Meg Smith 9. Meg Smith


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Aubergine & Aqua

You may disagree with what I’m calling these colors, but I’m sure you’ll agree that this color palette is BEAUTIFUL! I love when pairs of color really pop together. And the touch of gold in this palette softens the whole thing out.

Favorite find? The paper butterflies from Bella Celestina. For $1.25, you get 60 of them. HELLO! Can you even deal with that kind of greatness? Can’t you see these as escort cards? Or perhaps strung together on fishing line and hung from above? It’s too much. I can’t handle it. Now don’t get me started on the cake! Will someone PLEASE use this color scheme for a wedding or a shower? I’d die!

aquaaubergineSources left to right from top: 1. Bella Celestina 2. Brides 3. Brides 4. Etsy 5. Robyn Loves Cake via Brides 6. Wiley Valentine 7. Brides 8. JLM Couture via Brides 9. Tastefully Entertaining


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Inspiration Request: Purple

I had a reader email me to request some inspiration for a purple wedding. (Speaking of…if you’d like to request an inspiration board, please feel free to email me!) Now, I’m going to admit something and I sincerely hope you won’t hate me for it: purple and I have had a falling out, and of all the colors on the wheel, she is my least favorite. Purple lovers, please forgive me. It is disheartening, I know. So, after I received a request for purple today, I decided I’d make the effort to get reacquainted with the old gal.

For starters, I must share with you this picture, which has me thinking, maybe I’ve been wrong all this time:


That being said, I’ve done a palette board here, and each row from left to right approaches purple from a different angle.

: : Row One : :  Shades of reds and pink brighten the sometimes drabby hue by adding a summery warmth.

: : Row Two : : Springtime purple, lightened up by the nearly-blue-periwinkle fabric, is a more subtle, lighthearted approach to purple.

: : Row Three : : DARK almost black purple accents which add a very elegant and dramatic contrast creating an unexpected and welcomed twist.

: : Row Four : : Chartreuse with a range of purple hues, creating a very fresh and vibrant palette.

: : Row Five : : Smokey purple, with sage, dark berries and light gold accents, make for a very romantic and sophisticated look.  purpleinspiration Sources left to right from top: 1. Waterlily Pond 2. Martha Stewart 3. InStyle Weddings 4. Martha Stewart 5. Martha Stewart 6. Martha Stewart 7. Maddie K Weddings 8. Waterlily Pond 9. Martha Stewart 10. Wedding Wire 11. Grazier Photography 12. Grazier Photography 13. Etsy 14. Martha Stewart 15. Martha Stewart

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