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A Neutral Stance On the Matter

I have a hankerin’ for neutrals + metallics as of late, so I channeled my desire into bridesmaid inspiration à la J.Crew. I tend to use jewelry for unexpected bursts of color to compensate for the modest palette.

[1] Seraphina Dress | Beechwood, [2] Layered Crystal Glace Necklace | Metallic Blush, [3] Superskinny Leather Belt | Pale Gold, [4] Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan | Warm Wheat, [5] Shimmerveil Leather Ballet Flats | Platinum Gold, [6] Crystal Glamour Bracelet | Metallic Blush

And the finishing touch: Saipua

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Ahead of the Curve: S A I P U A

First off, my week is off to a great start, as I’m teeming over with some really fabulous features today. Lots of good stuff to look forward to this week, but I wanted to start with Saipua. I’ll go ahead and let you know at the onset, I cannot take credit for finding Saipua. I was lucky enough to find Katy, who has AMAZING taste. Every post is such a delight that one can spend an entire day perusing the goods. She has several features on Saipua’s work, which is how I found Sarah. 

I wanted to do a special feature on Sarah and her designs ala Saipua, because this work is so fresh. I get tired of seeing the same things over and over again, so to find a designer like Sarah is like finding a needle in a haystack. Her work conveys a very free, handmade, organic look that is so in right now. The florals are messy, unexpected, full of texture and natural elements, and subsequently PERFECT! I can tell you, hands down, she’d be the florist for my wedding (that is if I lived anywhere near her…then again, maybe I’ll have to make her come to me instead!). I hope you enjoy her lovely photos! 



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