Ahead of the Curve: S A I P U A

First off, my week is off to a great start, as I’m teeming over with some really fabulous features today. Lots of good stuff to look forward to this week, but I wanted to start with Saipua. I’ll go ahead and let you know at the onset, I cannot take credit for finding Saipua. I was lucky enough to find Katy, who has AMAZING taste. Every post is such a delight that one can spend an entire day perusing the goods. She has several features on Saipua’s work, which is how I found Sarah. 

I wanted to do a special feature on Sarah and her designs ala Saipua, because this work is so fresh. I get tired of seeing the same things over and over again, so to find a designer like Sarah is like finding a needle in a haystack. Her work conveys a very free, handmade, organic look that is so in right now. The florals are messy, unexpected, full of texture and natural elements, and subsequently PERFECT! I can tell you, hands down, she’d be the florist for my wedding (that is if I lived anywhere near her…then again, maybe I’ll have to make her come to me instead!). I hope you enjoy her lovely photos! 



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2 responses to “Ahead of the Curve: S A I P U A

  1. These are magnificent!! Such a talented girl!

  2. Thanks for the nice complement about my blog.

    If you want more of sarah check out on my friend grace’s blog for sarah’s weekly column, weeders digest.


    So much fun you’ll love.

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