A Neutral Stance On the Matter

I have a hankerin’ for neutrals + metallics as of late, so I channeled my desire into bridesmaid inspiration à la J.Crew. I tend to use jewelry for unexpected bursts of color to compensate for the modest palette.

[1] Seraphina Dress | Beechwood, [2] Layered Crystal Glace Necklace | Metallic Blush, [3] Superskinny Leather Belt | Pale Gold, [4] Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan | Warm Wheat, [5] Shimmerveil Leather Ballet Flats | Platinum Gold, [6] Crystal Glamour Bracelet | Metallic Blush

And the finishing touch: Saipua

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12 responses to “A Neutral Stance On the Matter

  1. Great finds – a fantastic, elegant look.

  2. absolutely GORGEOUS! love it all. i think a neutral palette lets a girl’s natural beauty really shine through. so pretty!

  3. Love the jewelry. A neutral color palette is my favorite.

  4. I’m just in love with your blog. Completely.

  5. Grey

    Whaaa??? Why thank you. Though Miss Boyd is rocking our worlds right now with these great posts this week. Planning on holding onto her creativeness for as long as possible.

  6. The neutral palette is just so classy and feminine. I would feel beautiful in any of those pieces. Thanks for sharing!

    Brianne a.k.a Miss Diamond Ring

  7. These are just beautiful! We are going with another neutral for my bridesmaids – a grey dress and you’ve inspired me to find some great cardigans and bracelets for them!

  8. Grey

    Cardigans with bridesmaids make me happier than chocolate. Okay, maybe that’s going a little far, but it makes me pretty happy.

  9. I love these pieces. So elegant and beautiful! Thank you for posting!

  10. ooo la la! My girls are wearing jcrew too! I just stumbled on the new seraphina dress, adorable!

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