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Have you switched over??? Many of our Grey Likes readers have not updated their feeds! Be sure you come to our new home and update your feed!


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We’ve Moved!

Did you hear? You can find Grey Likes Weddings here.


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This Calls For a Toast!

It’s finally here! 10.01.10. This calls for a toast!!!

Image by Aaron Delesie

Grey Likes Weddings has finally outgrown the old digs. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share with you our new flashy site! First off, you’ve got to know that all the credit belongs to two very talented ladies: Lucia Dinh of D*Lsh Design and Lindsay Thompson of M. Stetson Design. Lindsay designed my logo and identity, while Lucia completely designed all the web elements. They really deserve all the credit, and I was fortunate enough to have these gals on the Grey Likes team.

So what are you waiting for? Head over and check it out!


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One Day!!!

We’re less than 24 hours away!!! I can’t even handle it!

Image by Elizabeth Messina


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Breakfast in Bed

This morning, I’m starting you off with a little inspiration! After this crazy week, I’m feeling like I need to have a long sleep in session this weekend, and breakfast in bed might be called for. Speaking of sleeping in, how romantic is this board? Our forevers go together? Um. Yes. I believe they do.

Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. Chris Craymer 2. Flickr 3. Johnny Miller 4. Lovely Clusters


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Two Days!!!

Are you keeping track? I know I am! We’re two days away from the launch on Friday. Spread the word baby!

Wanna get it on the action? There’s still just a tiny bit of time left if you want to become a member of the Grey Likes Family. For sponsorship information, email us here!

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Three Days!

That’s right…three more days! We’re counting down! To celebrate our launch, next week we’re doing an ENTIRE WEEK of giveaways! We’ve already got some amazing stuff lined up for you, so get excited.

Also, if you are a vendor and have something fabulous that you’d like to giveaway, email We will be picking our favorites to feature next week!

Three days people…three days!

Image by Jose Villa


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