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Engaged: Matt and Jeanette

This shoot was sent over to me by Hello Studios and the moment I saw it, I felt the need to email them back in ALL CAPS as many superlatives I could muster. Of course, it is particularly spectacular thanks to the incredibly creative talents of Lindye Galloway, who I just can’t get enough of! I’m told that Matt and Jeanette really wanted an engagement session that would scream “SUMMER!” and capture their love of the ocean and summertime activities. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

P.S. Jeanette…that bathing suit? I need one, STAT!

UPDATE: The bathing suit is by Juicy Couture, which you can get HERE!!!


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Bribery…I mean Giveaway!

My dear Readers!

I’m desperate for your help. So desperate in fact, that I’ve come up with a really fabulous giveaway to bribe encourage you to help out. This encouragement is of course necessary because incidentally, only 1 out of about every 400 readers leaves a comment on Grey Likes. Can you believe that? You are, I realize, rather busy, and happily enjoy perusing your daily pretties in between the comings and goings of a bustling life. But today, I ask, I plea… I beg…

Image via Escapade via Design Lovely

As Grey Likes continues to grow it is all the more important to better understand who you are and what you love. If you are willing to take a quick survey, I’d be so grateful, in fact, that I’ve worked out an incentive.

In conjunction with Shabby Apple, we’re giving to one lucky survey taker any dress of her choice from Shabby Apple‘s collection. Shabby Apple has some really great dresses, many of which are vintage inspired. They also have a new line of bridesmaid dresses as well as maternity. So this is your chance to win a pretty little number for yourself, or someone you love. Loving the Bette D. and the Ingrid.

So, to win the dress, TAKE OUR SURVEY, and be entered in our giveaway. Also, if you TAKE OUR SURVEY, you’ll get the code for a 10% discount on any Shabby Apple purchase, so everyone gets a little something. Did I mention I want you to TAKE OUR SURVEY?? (Oh…and I’m gonna sweeten the pot. The giveaway gets even better on Friday, so look out!!!)

Come back at noon today…I’ve got the most amazing engagement session to share with you…I can’t wait for you to see it!

UPDATE: This survey is for you wedding professionals, photographers, bloggers and the like. I need your voice too!!!


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Today on Grey Likes Baby…

Today on Grey Likes Baby check out this ever so sweet baby shower for photographer Meg Fish and her baby Ella. It was thrown by photographer Christy Schuler, who also shot the event. So many great ideas for any type of shower, including this cake dome made from chicken wire. Brilliant!

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Engaged: Whitney and Mike

Whitney and Mike’s engagement session was shot by Vania and Christine of Simply Bloom Photography. Vania and Christine always send over beautiful work and I’m excited to be able to share some with you today. One of my favorite parts of this session is the location…wherever in the world can you find a carpet of purple flowers? Because I want to go there, and get the carpet, and install it in my backyard. I’m weighing the possibilities of importing purple grass for myself. I’ll keep you posted on my progress… But for now, enjoy these pretties…

Congratulations, Whitney and Mike!


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H I T C H E D !

I am VERY thrilled to announce that the masterminds behind this Fall’s bridal event, Hitched!, have snagged me to be a part of their event. If you haven’t heard about Hitched! yet, it is, in their words,

“One hell of a showcase event for brides + grooms + curious seekers of a fresh vision in wedding planning.”

So be absolutely sure to check out their site and blog to find out more.

So what will I be doing for Hitched!? I have the incredible honor of curating an alternative bridal fashion show for the event! Holy WOW! It’s going to be absolutely amazing. Perhaps a little inspiration teaser by Kate Towers will get you jived…

So be sure to get your tickets early, because I KNOW this event will sell out, and you don’t want to miss out!


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Real Wedding: Sheila and Andy

Sheila and Andy’s wedding, shot by Amy Carroll, is simply sweet. The location looks like it must have been a dream to shoot…and that trolley is so great! Thanks Amy for sharing your work with us!


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Okay, so this is super crazy exciting! A few months back, I was asked by Benfield Photography to style a photography workshop for them. You see, Benfield Photography is a team: Dale Benfield and Meredith McClary. Dale and Meredith are actually getting married in Florence, so the workshop is unique, because it is a “Real Wedding Workshop” where photographers will have a chance to shoot a real engagement session, wedding, and day after session.

But it gets better. The “Real Wedding Workshop” will take place in – no joke – Florence, Italy. ITALY…that little country across the Atlantic that looks like a boot!

Wait…there’s more.

Photographers will be shooting alongside Becker. Oh wait. Stop right there. The Becker. Is that too much to handle? It is for me. Seriously. I get to style a workshop AND a wedding in Florence, Italy with Becker? No joke.

So if you’re a photographer, and you are thinking a trip to Italy next March sounds like a mighty fine idea, then head over to the workshop website to learn more and sign up.

Here’s a little Florence inspiration board to get you all pumped up! Do you know the land??

1. Image Spark 1. Pomegranita 2. J. Crew 4. Unknown


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