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Found: Custom Clay

Whenever I find the actual place to PURCHASE something I’ve found while perusing pictures of real weddings, I’m always overjoyed at the opportunity for me to share a new resource with you. I used the left picture from Birch a while back on the Aqua and Poppy Inspiration Palette.


That little clay egg is SO cute, right? Hmmm…where would one find such a darling little detail? Well, folks. I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, you can find them from uber fab designer Rae Dunn, who sells them right here. The bad news is, they are a little pricey if you were hoping to purchase one for each of your guests. But they are oh so cute… And you get to customize the words!



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Apricot and Cool Blue

I think I was hungry when I put together this post, because there are a lot of food pictures here. But what the heck? Why not let your inspiration take a hint from nature? And what better than a delicate little apricot? Yum. I love how the cool blue shades offset the warm apricot color so nicely. This would work beautifully for a wedding OR a shower. What a delight! 


Sources left to right from top: 1. Martha Stewart via Style Me Pretty 2. Etsy 3. Still With Life 4. Saipua 5. Martha Stewart via Style Me Pretty 6. Life’s Smogasbord 7.Tartlette  8. Still With Life 9. Martha Stewart


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Mascara Maven: Ring in Spring!

When I was in college, we had this saying: “Ring by Spring” which meant like 75% of dating couples became engaged sometime before graduation in May. I think they put something in the water. Thankfully, I made it to my senior year unscathed. Whew! 

Anyhow. That really has nothing to do with this post… Today, we’re going to help ring IN spring! Bonjour, Spring! I’ll let Mascara Maven take over. Today, she has some AMAZING tips on how to brighten your look to help welcome in the fresh blooms and sunny weather! 

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Ahhh, spring. The freshest time of year-the season to shed those dark colors and break out the sunscreen and lip gloss! Peach and apricot glosses, rosy hues of pinks, and glowing dewy cheeks—It’s got such a romantic appeal that lets the whole world know you are in love!


Let me say that I really love the fresh faced, doe-eyed, flushed cheek of a gorgeous bride on the happiest day of her life. It perfectly portrays a youthful, classic beauty with an edge of playfulness that will have the groom (and everyone else) doing a double take.

 So what defines a spring look? Brighter cheeks accompanied by pink lips and a subtle eye. But don’t forget about those brows! Fill them in girls! Your brows complete the picture and balance the bright hues of the pink or peach tones on the rest of your face. 


If you don’t like using a pencil, I suggest Smashbox Brow Tech– it’s a powder and wax duo so that you can fill in your brows with a brush where needed, create that soft line, and then brush some wax across the hairs to keep them in place and give them a healthy sheen.

 To achieve that glowing, just from the spa skin, try a more sheer foundation mixed with a dab of luminizing product, focusing on the cheek bones, nose, and hairline- anywhere the sun would lightly kiss. I suggest Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion or Nars Multiple in Copacabana.


Really play up the apples of the cheeks with pink or peach blush- stray from colors with too much orange in them. And NO glitter. Look for a blush with shimmer- a slight glow to it- but no flecks of chunky glitter floating around.

Blushes I love:

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain- Blushing Bride, Tipsy, Dollface

Nars- Orgasm

Smashbox Soft Lights- Tint

Covergirl Blush – Rose Silk

Bobbi brown- Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick

For that pouty pucker, grab a lip stain and throw some gloss over it. Not only will the stain last longer than lipstick, it’s also kiss-proof- so no lip stamps on his face!

My favorite stains are: 

Tricia Sawyer’s Clearly Pretty Lip Stain

Smashbox O-Gloss

Stila Lip and Cheek Stain.

*Tip: If the color is too bright pink for your liking, dab some chapstick on before applying the stain.

To compliment the brighter blush and lip, I like to use subtle metallic colors on the eye. When wearing pink- try a soft silver eye shadow with a bit of charcoal for contour. With peach- go for golds, bronze, and even a little copper. But don’t go overboard; this look is all about balance on the face- looking subtle and romantic, bringing out that glow from within!

Eye Shadow I love: 

Gold/Bronze Eye Shadow: Nars Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Thebes or MAC – Tempting

Silver Eye Shadow: Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Paris or Make Up Forever – Silver 82

If you are the kind of gal that likes a little celebrity inspiration sprinkled through her Spring Look Book, may I suggest googling the fresh faces of Gemma Ward, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, and Scarlett Johansson. Here’s a few of my favs to get you started! 

Drew: Drew has a gorgeous glow and luminescent skin, with a touch of pink on the cheeks and lips. Perfect!


Molly: The bubblegum pink doesnt work on everyone- but Molly pulls it off by wearing a darker brow and light pink flush to the cheeks.


Scarlett: The blonde bombshell -gone brunette complimented her new look perfectly by wearing a rosy hued blush and lip and a hint of bronzer.


Cameron: Hello Pink! She let her fuschia lips be the star for this look- but the eyes dont take a back seat- they still pop with just a few coats of black mascara. 


Eva: Gorgeous subtle rosy apricot cheeks with soft matte lips- a beautiful look for medium toned skin. 



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{arranged} photos!

I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I am that not one, but TWO unbelievably fabulous photographers attended our workshop. Jessica Claire (who is already my new friend) and Jasmine Star (who I might force to be my friend because she’s just so cool) were kind enough to bring along their camera and take some lovely photos while they weren’t slaving over their arrangement. Special thanks to both of them for attending AND for taking these beautiful shots! 

To purchase tickets for our next event on Sunday, May 31 from 3-5pm (don’t worry…that’s NOT Memorial Day weekend…I checked!) click here



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DIY Workshop


Our DIY workshop (which I’m now officially calling {arranged}) was totally successful. We had a spectacular time coaxing our flowers into obedience. I am extremely grateful to all of our participants and helpers! Photographs are coming soon, but I just had to jump the gun on our announcement!

The event was such a success, I’ve already set a new date for our next one: Sunday, May 31 from 3-5 pm. The location is TBD, but will be in the Orange County area. If you know now that you want to go, I’m offering an early bird special–a 15% discount–for the next two weeks only. Click here to purchase a reservation.


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sunday {fun}day: Horsing Around

This week’s sunday {fun}day idea is such a blast, I’m sure you’ll find a way to fit it into your schedule of events! If you haven’t ever been to a day at the races,  you ought to give it a try. What’s not to like? Mint Juleps? Check. Greasy food? Check. Glamorous hats and another excuse to buy a great dress? Check. Betting? Check! 

You can play this any way you like it. If you’re not a late night rager, in lieu of a night out at some club around men with grubby hands, consider renting a limo and taking out all the gals out for a day at the races for your bachelorette party. You a bit of a rebel and want to bring the men along? Shine those boys up and opt for a rousing co-ed rendition. A day at the races might be a fun pre-rehearsal dinner event…or perhaps your man would spring for some betting and beer for his bachelor party. 

Well, I think you get the idea. Here are some of my favorite images from the race tracks. Click on the photos for the source. 









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These images from Victoria Pearson are absolute perfection, and when I look at them, I want to take a nap. Hmmm…I mean…they are so peaceful and lovely, I can’t help but breathe in, sigh, and soak it all in. Victoria is an advertising photographer, but she’s the best of the best, and so inspiring, I just had to share. I think these images would make for lovely shower inspiration. I threw in a little goodie from Martha to start us off. 









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DIY Friday Bonus Round: Photo Booth

I’m working away furiously on preparations for our DIY workshop tomorrow. I’m so excited to meet {grey} DIYers. Be on the look out in the next weeks for pictures of our little event. 

Don’t forget to check back on Sunday for our sunday {fun}day post! Also, if you’re going to A Soolip Wedding, send me an email-I’d love to meet you while I’m there! 

I wanted to share with you this image via Green Wedding Shoes blog. If it isn’t one of your daily reads, it should be, as each post is ALWAYS a gem! Check out the rest of her post for more on this idea. 

More coming today! Stay tuned! 

: : DIY Photo Booth : :



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DIY Friday: Poms

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You’re just a few hours away from the weekend! I’ve got three more post planned for today, which will hopefully help you cope with your anticipation. We’ll start it off with DIY Friday!

Today’s project is a lovely little idea that would work for almost any event. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Pom. I found these Martha Stewart images via Of Paper and Things and think these would make for SUPER cute decorations, especially for a small scale event, like a bridal shower. I love seeing them in all sorts of sizes. SO. STINKING. CUTE. Click here for Martha’s tutorial. 


Aaaand….if you aren’t suited for crafting, perhaps you’d consider purchasing these pretty ones from Pom Love. Not all of us love backbreaking DIY projects that bring us to tears and keep us toiling away into the late night hours. If you’re one of those gals, these are a much easier option.  




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Giveaway Winner


The winner of our Cotton Idea Studio giveaway is…..


Congratulations, Jennifer. Thank you so much for asking such a great question! Mindy is planning another lovely little paper giveaway, and when we announce it, we’ll also address your query. Be sure to email {grey} to claim your prize!  Thanks for entering!

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