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Today, I’m Inspired By…

Things are a bit discombobulated over here today. Much like my brain. So I thought I’d bring you a few things I’m feeling rather inspired by…that may or may not having anything to do with one another…besides, of course, the fact that they are pretty.

Fur Stoles. Adore.

This is Amanda from Ruffled Blog, via Once Wed

Home grown herbs jar from Burgon & Ball. How great would these be as favors???

Why? Why not?


These are from my recent FAVORITE blog obsession, A Field Journal. Love this blog! You must must must love it with me.

Also from A Field Journal, could we somehow work this out so it can be incorporated into your table number assignments? Somehow??

Discussing with my inner fashionista whether or not I can pull this off. Pretty sure on me, I’d look like a 2nd grader dressed up in mom’s heels. Nonetheless, can’t not love the look. What do you think?


Can you imagine with me, the curtain, the painting, the light fixture…as a ceremony backdrop? Imagine it with me…it could be so cool. A little glam, a little vintage, a little modern.


I want to celebrate at this table with my friends. Wedding, shower, engagement, birthday. It doesn’t matter. Just want to be in this photo. With my beloveds.

{The City Sage}

Last but not least, my weekend wish for each of you readers is much like this photo: don a stylishly fabulous, yet relaxed ensemble, enjoy what must be a tasty luncheon, and get some fresh air, perferrably on an idyllic country estate somewhere magical. But a weekend is a weekend whether it’s pretty or not, so I hope you all enjoy and I’ll see you back here on Monday!




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Victor Sizemore Mentor Session

Photographer Victor Sizemore is hosting his second annual Mentor Session this year at WPPI. Last year’s was a raging success:

Well, he’s upping the game this year! I am so incredibly thrilled that he’s brought me on board to style this year’s session. We’re going to take it to a whole new level! Here’s a little sneak peek of our inspiration:

Spaces are limited, so make it quick! This will be an incredible chance to capture some really stunning images, so if you’re a photographer, definitely consider making it a part of your WPPI experience. Head over here for more information and to purchase your ticket!


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Johanna Johnson

I’m one of those girls who has never thought much about the kind of dress I’m going to wear to my wedding one day. I’ve never tried one on and haven’t torn out pictures or catalogued designers…mostly because I know that most girls end up with something different than they picked out from the magazines. The shape of your figure and the shape of the dress are such huge determining factors, that until you try on dresses, you really just won’t know what looks great. So I don’t pay super close attention to wedding dresses (at least in terms of “shopping” for myself).

That is until now.

If there was one dress and accessory designer I could adorn myself with, Johanna Johnson would be it. Are you ready for it? I DIE.

(Oh…and I gotta give props to my girl, MaeMae for changing my life with said dresses.)


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Engaged: Sonia and Ian

I’m adding Mastin Studio to my list of new fave photographers. Their work is so lovely and I’m particularly digging Sonia and Ian’s engagement session. They are both really unique and I think Sonia’s outfits are FIERCE. Special thanks to Robin for sending over their work! Be sure to check their blog here!


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Save the Date: Angela and Warren

Angela sent me her completely adorable save the date that she and her fiance Warren put together. It’s a stop motion video, and I’m loving this sweeter than honey save the date. It’s too cute for words! How much do you adore stop motion? Does it get any better?

Thanks, Angela, for sharing with us!


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Real Wedding: Amanda and Jim

I’m adoring Amanda and Jim’s wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The dreamy location plus KarenWise Photography equals classic timeless beauty! Karen’s work is always stunning, so eat your heart out:


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Globetrotting Style

Happy Friday, my lovelies!

Today, I wanted to share with  you a new type of inspiration board…it’s for an engagement session! We’re seeing more and more couples make the choice to invest in styling their engagement sessions, and I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it! As a stylist, engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to work on, because the possibilities are endless, and it is an opportunity to explore the couple’s interests and style, highlighting what makes their relationship unique. If you haven’t ever considered hiring a stylist for your engagement session, I’d encourage you to think about it. You’re adding so much value to your photos by capturing a story, rather than a few poses! It can be so rewarding and worth the extra investment!

This board is for a couple who has a love for travel. The setting can take place near a vintage trailer (like the gorgeous aqua one of Enjoy Cupcakes!) or perhaps in an old convertible, road trip style. There are so many great elements that you could incorporate into the idea…particularly if you went with a sort of road trip vibe, shooting photos of your favorite on-the-road activities! Whatever suits your fancy, make sure to include coordinated elements, like the maps, globe, aqua purse and of course a fabulous ensemble!

Sources: 1. Trailer: Enjoy Cupcakes by Elizabeth Messina via Snippet and Ink 2. Purse 3. Vintage French Maps 4. Couple with map 5&6. J.Crew 7. Globe


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Meet Walter

As I hope you’ve noticed, Megan from Mae Mae Paperie is in the process of creating a bevy of wedding paper suites that continue to one up each other every time a new one comes out. Every. Time. So of course you’ll die when you feast your eyes on this suite, which I want to eat for dessert. And then breakfast the next morning (where I’ll no doubt lick my plate).

Walter, I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. I’d like to introduce you to my friends…

P.S… I wish you could meet Walter in person. Even more lovely than you could ever imagine…

1. Favor Tag Series
2. Formal Invite Belly Band
3. Envelope Liner
4. Itinerary + Map Trifold
5. Menu
6. Reply Card
7. Formal Invite
8. Table Number
9. Male Escort Card
10. Female Escort Card
11. Thank You Card
12. Save the Date

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Intern with Grey!

***Update: I’ve had so much amazing response from an incredible pool of well-educated and crazy talented women. Because of such a huge response, the application process is now closed. But be on the look out for the next intern opportunity later this year.***

Happy Blogiversary! Well, I guess I’m a few weeks late, but I couldn’t let little Ol’ Grey’s Blogiversary go without mentioning. This year has been a fabulous whirlwind of happy blogging and zealous styling. And we’re only getting started.

In light of such glorious growth (and some really huge things Grey has in store) I’ve decided to take on an intern or two. I’m looking for a few curious, energetic and happy souls that would like to come hang with me, mop up a little learning, and have a major amount of fun crafting, styling, publishing and lunching. If you or someone you know in the Orange County vicinity is interested, please email greylikesweddings{at}gmail{dot}com.

No: this is not my desk. Nor is this the intern desk. But it is a pretty desk and maybe if you see this picture, it will make you want to work with me that much more. Right???

{Image source}


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Final Boards and Official Vote

Here are the four final boards for you to choose from for our Snippet and Ink to Real Life photo shoot. Be sure to go HERE to cast your vote. Polls are open until next week, 2/24 at midnight. I won’t tell you which one it is, but I certainly have a favorite I’m voting for!
#9 (originally posted here)

#10 (originally posted here)

#11 (originally posted here)

#12 (originally posted here)


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