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A Neutral Stance On the Matter

I have a hankerin’ for neutrals + metallics as of late, so I channeled my desire into bridesmaid inspiration à la J.Crew. I tend to use jewelry for unexpected bursts of color to compensate for the modest palette.

[1] Seraphina Dress | Beechwood, [2] Layered Crystal Glace Necklace | Metallic Blush, [3] Superskinny Leather Belt | Pale Gold, [4] Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan | Warm Wheat, [5] Shimmerveil Leather Ballet Flats | Platinum Gold, [6] Crystal Glamour Bracelet | Metallic Blush

And the finishing touch: Saipua

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Now, About Us

Hi friends. My name is Amy and I will be holding down the GLW fort this week while Summer styles in the desert. And thank you to Summer for the gracious introduction, as well as the opportunity to guest blog.

As mentioned, I have a blog. I use it to collect and organize what inspires me. My day job is freelance writing. I live in Orange County. I thrift every chance I get. Letterpress makes me weak in the knees. So does Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I do my best work with a spatula. And I am in the market for a harmonica. So that is a bit about me.

Now, about us. I thought I would start our week with a dose of inspiration. This board is inspired by pretty things (with a pretty film couple). I hope you like it.

[1] Darling Dexter, [2] La Pomme, [3] Dandelion Ranch, [4] Allie Coate, [5] Luphia Loves, [6] Kristina Marie, [7]Nice, [8] Trever Hoehne, [9] BJ’s Music

Here’s to a lovely week together.


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Inspiration: Where do you find it?

Brides these days have no end to the number of resources available for them from which to gather inspiration. With a plethora of blogs and magazines taking care of the guess work, it has become much easier to find and set a foundation for one’s wedding. That being said, I think it is important to remember that inspiration can be found in unexpected places. It is vital to keep your mind open to what may spark the AHA! moment.

Case in point. I saw this gorgeous poster on the interwebs (from Zhou Fan)


…and I thought, What a lovely wedding would this make. Here’s an attempt at translating art into event…


So if you are undecided (or overwhelmed by the mass of wedding inspiration), go therefore and be inspired without limiting yourself to just wedding-ish stuff. Find something you absolutely LOVE and no matter where it is from or what it is, use that as your guiding force. My darling friend Jessica Claire is doing just that. Her wedding is based on a pair of shoes. What do you know?

Sources left to right from top: 1. Martha Stewart 2. Rebecca Thuss 3. Aaron Delesie via Green Wedding Shoes 4. Favor Ideas 5. {Frolic!} 6. Tastefully Entertaining 7. ffffound 8. Rebecca Thuss 9. Rebecca Thuss


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Duet Weddings

I found this gorgeous photoshoot via What Junebug Loves (which is another daily blog read for me!) and I just can’t resist sharing more of the photos with you. I canNOT stop staring, it is just so lovely.

Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings styled the whole shoot and Corbin Gurkin shot the stunning images. Camille Panzarello of Modern Day Design provided the unbelievably perfect florals. The paper suite was provided by Ceci New York. The shoot took place at Crossroads Estate in Santa Barbara. Laura Hooper’s calligraphy appears on the old fence made to welcome guests.














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People all over the world….join hands…

…start a love train, a love train!

Anyone know what song I’m hearing in my head?

Anyhow… If you haven’t noticed, I’ve FINALLY updated my blogroll to include some more of the spectacular wedding blogs out there these days. If you haven’t had a chance to peruse the listings, please do. Give these bloggers your love. I thought I’d share with you my fave inspiration I found today whilst combing through the goodies. This post, titled Literary Love, is from Besty White via Classic Bride. What a nice way to end the day.



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Inspiration: Beach Wedding

I don’t think a beach wedding ever gets old. There’s such a romantic and relaxed feeling to it. And since the weather over here feels like it’s mid-July, I could think of nothing else besides ocean. Almost all of these photos (except the few listed below) are from a wedding designed by Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming Events and photographed by Elizabeth Messina.

beachweddingSources: 2. Brides 3. Brides 4. Etsy 8. Karen Tran


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Aubergine & Aqua

You may disagree with what I’m calling these colors, but I’m sure you’ll agree that this color palette is BEAUTIFUL! I love when pairs of color really pop together. And the touch of gold in this palette softens the whole thing out.

Favorite find? The paper butterflies from Bella Celestina. For $1.25, you get 60 of them. HELLO! Can you even deal with that kind of greatness? Can’t you see these as escort cards? Or perhaps strung together on fishing line and hung from above? It’s too much. I can’t handle it. Now don’t get me started on the cake! Will someone PLEASE use this color scheme for a wedding or a shower? I’d die!

aquaaubergineSources left to right from top: 1. Bella Celestina 2. Brides 3. Brides 4. Etsy 5. Robyn Loves Cake via Brides 6. Wiley Valentine 7. Brides 8. JLM Couture via Brides 9. Tastefully Entertaining


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I’m in the mood for something cheery and just a little vintage! I hope you enjoy!


Sources left to right from top: 1. Toast and Tables 2. MS Weddings 3. Denise Bovee 4. Etsy 5. Etsy 6. MS Weddings via Wiley Valentine 7. MS Weddings via Marry Me 8. Etsy 9. Rosette


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Blog Feature: Santa Barbara Wedding Chic

If you haven’t checked out Santa Barbara Wedding Chic by Kelly Oshiro, you really should. Check out these recent posts. I’m totally in love!




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Inspiration: Vanilla Bean

I was in the mood for something warm and vanilla (read: vanilla bean ice cream, martinis, tarts, and cheesecake). Why are my inspiration boards always inspired by food? I think I need a snack! Anyhow, here is a nice palette with creamy tones of ivory and brown. Yum!


Sources left to right from top: 1. East Hill Photography via Betsy White 2. Etsy 3. Bird in Hand Photo 4. Jasmine Star via Betsy White 5. The Cake Girls via Betsy White 6. Etsy 7. Martha Stewart 8. Cannelle Vanilla 9. Dandelion Ranch


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