I offer set, still life and wardrobe styling services for photographers, venues, designers and the like. I also offer custom styling for engagement and lifestyle shoots. Email greylikesweddings{at}gmail{dot}com for further information.

Photos by Brandon Kidd. Florals by Lauryl Lane.


28 responses to “Services

  1. Alexa

    I would be very interested in attending the workshop but only if it is in March, because I am getting married the first weekend of April. So if its possible to have it in March then I would attend.

    Thank you for you time.


  2. Grey

    Wow! Sounds good. I’ll take that into consideration when I book our location, which I’ll be doing this week. We’ll announce the final information by next Friday.

  3. Michelle Larson

    I want to come! I’m not getting married… but I still want to come! I love flowers.

  4. Grey

    Yay!!! Good thing an engagement ring is NOT required! (Cause I love flowers and what the heck? I’m not engaged either.)

  5. What a great idea. Wish I was at my west coast home on this date so I could attend. I will wait for the next workshop.

  6. If I didn’t already have something planned that day, I’d be all over it. What a fantastic idea!

  7. jenn

    aw I’m so bummed I’m busy that day! 😦 any other possible dates in the works? I’m definitely interested!

  8. Hey…any chance you could do a session closer to Kansas?

    I just love your work!

  9. Grey

    Sure. I’ll go anywhere…You just have to get at least 30 sign ups!

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  11. Kati

    Just signed up. Can’t wait!

  12. Grey

    Oh my gosh! so exciting. Can’t wait to see you there.

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  14. ahhh… i’m definitely going to this one… i’m blocking out the day right now!

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  16. Caitlin

    Do you have a location for your DIY class yet? Also is there a way I can pay the day of the class or over the phone?

  17. Sarah Tilcock

    Is the workshop still available for the 31st? Do you have a location yet? Thanks, for your prompt response.

    Sarah 🙂

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  27. If you ever come to the UK I would love to do a styled shoot with you!

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