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Ice Skating: More Lessons Learned

Here’s our second set of photos from Caroline and Dan at Tinywater Photography. And a few more quick pieces of advice for making the best of your photo shoots:

3. With only two days to prep for our shoot, I didn’t have time to create a story board and run around purchasing props. Instead, we picked a really fun activity to do: ice skating. (Bryan and I haven’t gone skating ages, so I was pretty excited my skills totally outshined his! He blames his poor performance on the skates. Boo!) The rink in Santa Monica provided us with tons of great backdrops. So, if you’re feeling all kinds of pressure to style a shoot, but are having trouble thinking of something super creative, consider choosing an activity that will lend itself to great moments! Or just hire a stylist!

4. Wear something you feel great in! In NO WAY am I a fashionista. But I certainly wanted some fun details to wear for our shoot. With only a day or two to prep, I called up Mai, from Ruche, who let me come down to her studio for wardrobe styling. She did an amazing job helping me pick out a few really fun accessories with plenty of color to make our photos POP. Check out the cutie shirt, scarf, and gloves, which are all available for purchase!

5. Main regret: Those darn skates don’t look like the super cute white ones I had pictured in my head. Hello, Dorothy Hammill? I was wondering if I could borrow your ice skates? Mine look like robot feet…it’s so not ladylike.

Happy winter!



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Valentine’s Shoot: Lessons Learned

A few weeks back, Caroline and Dan from Tinywater Photography just so happened to be down here in SoCal. We turned a lunch date into a photo shoot, and I decided to drag Bryan along for a little pre-Valentine’s gift. The experience was soooo much fun! It was really weird being on the other side of the computer screen…actually posing for photographers rather than looking at their work. During the process, I learned a few things about what I would definitely make sure to do again, so I thought I’d share my lessons with you:

1: Hire a make-up artist. The morning of our shoot, I scooted on over to Jamie Michele’s studio (who I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!). She was super fun to be around and I left feeling spectacular (and with back up make-up to keep things maintained!). I can’t tell you what an amazing difference it makes, even with how you feel. Being photographed can feel awkward and uncomfortable, so looking your best helps you to feel a bit more at ease. Also, if you’re planning on having your make-up done for your wedding (an absolute MUST in my opinion) then you can use your engagement session as an opportunity to do a trial run.

2. Pick photographers that you click with! I cannot say enough how much I LOVED working with Caroline and Dan. They were spectacular. They made Bryan and I feel comfortable, gave us direction, made us laugh, came up with great ideas to keep us looking natural and were generally FABULOUS to be around. Making sure you click with your photographer is HUGE!!! I don’t think I realized how HUGE though until I was in front of the camera feeling all awkward and silly. I absolutely LOVE Caroline and Dan, not only for their work, but also because they were just that great.

I’ve got one more lesson and plenty more pictures that I’m going to share with my next post, which will be up in a few hours. For now, here are a few goodies:


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Yellow and Eyelet

I know this inspiration board is really simple, but sometimes, that can be a good thing. This conveys how an incredibly simple idea–eyelet lace–can easily be relied upon for all your inspiration. The elements in this inspiration board play off one another and you can see how even the tiny daisies mirror the look of the eyelet lace.

Sometimes, all you need is a very simple, straightforward idea to direct the rest of your decor! It doesn’t take a crazy intricate inspiration board and TONS of crazy components. For those of us that AREN’T designers, and that stress out about the thought of decorating our wedding, stick to something simple like this. It gives you one main element to repeat throughout your wedding. Eyelet Lace? Use those paper lace doilies as cones for petals to be thrown down the aisle. Use them to embellish gift wrap, or hold your favors. Find old crochet lace to spice up your tables, wrap it around bouquets, vases and mason jar candles, and throw it behind anything you might be framing. It’s one element that you can use in several different ways. Simple, easy, and doable!

How else might you use eyelet lace? Any other ideas?

Sources: 1. Sue Stemp via Design Sponge 2. via Image Spark 3. Flickr 4. unknown via Image Spark


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Real Wedding: Marri and Drew

Photographer Daniel Kiyoi works magic with his camera. I’m convinced he could shoot even an UGLY wedding and I’d still want to publish it. I fully believe that if photographers have the right eye, they can make any wedding look spectacular. That being said, it doesn’t hurt if the wedding is totally adorable, which of course is the case with Marri and Drew’s wedding. I love the simple sweet bouquets and the groom’s suspenders!


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Winter’s Glory

I got an email from Emily Merrill of EmmyJeanne Photography last week and it honestly felt like opening up a Christmas present. Her photos of Natalie Bowen Designs‘ winter bouquet ideas are pure magic. For you gals planning a winter wedding, seasonal options are often a quandary, which is why I so appreciate Emily and Natalie for collaborating on a project that focuses specifically on winter ideas. And whoever said winter has to be white? All of these bright pops of color are beyond decadent.

Here’s what Emily and Natalie said:

We decided to collaborate together and produce a series of photographs that would inspire the winter bride’s bouquet. The color palette and seasonal flowers were carefully considered.  Juicy berry “red charm” peonies are complimented by pale sea green “hen and chicks” succulents, while the paper white narcissus, spider mums, and blue thistle add a snowy winter addition. The blue satin ribbon seemed to be the perfect contrast to the richness of the peonies and the starkness of the white. The vintage blue broach was a sweet, personal touch. Working together on this project was so much fun and inspiring. We hope you enjoy!

Collaborators included stylist Akasha Enkil, model S.I. Fran and of course Natalie Bowen of Natalie Bowen Designs and Emily Merrill of EmmyJeanne Photography. Make up by Danica Green.


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Real Wedding: Montecito Estate

I can’t believe Michael and Anna Costa have allowed me to share this wedding with you. These gorgeous nuptials are ooozing classic style…from the classic car to the stunning bridal white flowers to the picture perfect Montecito estate as the backdrop.  Oh Montecito…Where have you been all my life? Heavens. I’ve got a new city to add to my list of places I must get married. Hmmm… now if only I could have four or five weddings.

Super special thanks to Michael and Anna Costa, whose work always blows me away. In fact, they’ve got another four or five weddings that I may just have to share with you later!


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Real Wedding: Amanda and Tait

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…there’s something about a black tux. It’s just classic sexy. It’s gotta be a good quality tux. We’re not talking high school prom rental. We’re talking James Dean heart throb tux. I don’t know. Call me crazy, but a tux just does it for me.

Which brings me to Amanda and Tait’s wedding. On New Year’s Eve. With LOTS of black. And furry caplets. In the snow. Need I say more? Oh…but I do. John Sharpe Photography is the talent behind this wintery perfection and I’m so thankful he sent over such a delightful wedding!


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Moody Inspiration

In case you weren’t aware, Southern California is getting rained on like nobody’s business. We’re all freaking out because it NEVER rains more than a few hours much less days in a row. Everything is flooded and muddy and we’re evacuating people. Total drama! But of course, I can’t help but think this rainy weather is amazing. I’m seriously loving every chance I have to be inside, cuddled by the fire, listening to the sound of rain in the background. I’ve slept in every morning this week…avoiding waking up and going about my business. All I want to do is stay under the covers and enjoy.

I feel rather inspired by said weather so here’s a rainy mood board for those of us who are enjoying/enduring winter’s gracious blessing. This board makes me think of a wedding on the moor for Catherine and Heathcliff.

Check back in later today. I’m posting a snowy New Year’s Eve wedding!

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As always, if you have more accurate sources, let me know! I always do my best to be sure I give proper credit!


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Encore Session

Alice Hu Photography took these gorgeous photos for what she calls an Encore Session. The title is perfect! It’s a combination of “day after”, “trash the dress” and “bridal portraits.” What a completely brilliant idea.

In addition to the stunning bride and fab photographer, you MUST take note of the hidden talent behind the glowing beauty. Jamie Michele is an INCREDIBLE make-up artist, who I recently had the pleasure of working with. She’s professional, talented and a joy to be around. If you are looking for a make-up artist, I HIGHLY recommend her.

Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoy!

Oh…and if you are going to the Utterly Engaged party this evening, be sure to look for me and say hello!


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Real Wedding: Olivia and Andrew

Are you ready for the most glorious fall foliage ever? Oh my goodness. My jaw dropped when I saw these incredible shots by Richard Ellis Photography with Greg Gibson Photography. These images look like they came straight out of a movie. I mean really. I sooooo wish for a fall wedding!


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