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Engaged: Devin and Sonny

This engagement session is so much fun! Devin and Sonny have a really killer ensemble and the hats? Can’t get enough of the hats! Can we bring back hats, please? They are just so classy!

Special thanks to photographer Lori Hensley for sharing with us her gorgeous images of Devin and Sonny!



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Real Wedding: Nate and Alex

Nate and Alex were married at Bee Tree Park in St. Louis, Missouri and hosted a reception at Cliff Cave Park. Their wedding featured a number of simple handmade details that I know you’ll love. I particularly adore the embroidery. Oh how I love embroidery. Special thanks to Erica Turner for sending over such beautiful images!


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Hammers & Strings

Photographer Clayton Austin has a gorgeous engagement series that he calls “Hammers and Strings,” which involves an old beat up piano that couldn’t be more perfect. Hunter and Brittney are a very sweet couple, and as I understand it, became engaged during the course of this session. How romantic, no?! Thanks to Clayton for sharing!


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Real Wedding: Andre and Pia

We’re starting off the day with Andre and Pia’s wedding shot by Mango Red. Andre and Pia were wed in the Philippines and I absolutely love some of the unexpected and eclectic elements you’ll see throughout the images! Sources are listed here, if you’d like to know more!


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DI-WHY? Friday

Mekala Tinnin of Tie That Binds put together a lovely little project for us that includes some pieces available for purchase. I love when designers do that, don’t you? I especially love the mason jar label (which doubles as a thank you note) that she’s designed! And HELLO, COLOR!

Check out the entire invite suite here, and her Etsy shop for more! (I especially love these resin frames as table numbers!)


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Summery Pretties

Y’all… I love the south. I would also LOVE to be able to say y’all on a regular basis without sounding like a poser, but alas, I’m a California girl that sounds absolutely ridiculous trying to say “Chawwwl-stun” (Charleston) with a southern lilt. I just can’t do it…try as I might. But I’ve had a fabulous time out here. Our photo shoot went really great yesterday, as we spent the entire day chasing around locations and good light. We were up at 4am and went until after sunset. It was a spectacular day and I’m really excited about seeing our images!

Today, I’m bringing you some goodies from Postcards and Pretties, one of my favorite inspirational blogs. I think her inspiration board, “Here Comes the Summer” is perfect for today 1) because I can’t get enough of this palette and 2) because I’ll be up heading to the airport at 4am. AGAIN. So I thought I’d send y’all (I’m trying not to make a habit of it…I swear) on over to a fellow inspiration finder, Postcards and Pretties for a little summertime snack (and image credits)!


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Real Wedding: Eva and Ryan

Eva and Ryan’s gorgeous wedding shot by Anjuli of Photo Orange Photography is rustic, earthy, and absolutely beautiful! I love Eva’s dress…love her bouquet…love the colors…I just love it all!


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Real Wedding: Kelly and Michael

Kelly and Michael’s wedding shot by Desi Bayton is so unique and refreshing! Desi has some really beautiful imagery…I’m loving the old world feel, and I ADORE the Fitzgerald-esque tux that Michael is wearing. I also don’t normally post lots of images of ceremonies, but I couldn’t help sharing these…I just love all the gorgeous tradition involved in Michael and Kelly’s wedding. So lovely!

I know there are lots of you out there desperate to see ballroom weddings…and I think this one is exemplary! Thanks again to Desi for sending it over!


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Engaged: Kim and Matt

I’m so delighted to share Kim and Matt’s eclectic engagement session with you shot by Amanda and Carina of Love Me Do Photography. It feels like a little glimpse into their lives…I love how personal it is. I know Kim and Matt will look back one day, 30 years down the road, and show their kids these images of their first home, their first pet, and their early hobbies.

This session comes to you in three acts.


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And the winner is…

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to fill out the Grey Likes Survey and helping me get a better handle on who you are, what you love, and what you hate! I’ve learned so much from your feedback and can’t wait to share with you all the exciting updates and improvements you’ll be seeing over the next few months. I’ve learned that your favorite posts are most definitely real weddings followed up by DIY Projects, which were a close second. Mostly, you are here for good ideas, which I’m hoping to track down for you, like a hound after bacon. (Hounds like bacon, right?)

Anyhow, I’m excited to announce our winner of the contest. I’ll be emailing her, but I wanted to share with you her comment, which just made me laugh! She wrote:

Grey doesn’t overuse words like ‘swoon’ and ‘drool worthy’ and ‘your special day,’ but the items, vendors and photos featured on this site are all of those things. The weddings that are shown represent an attainable fantasy–highlighting the creative and beautiful and unique, not just the expensive.

I absolutely love it!

I hope you all are enjoying little tidbits of the summer as we slide into mid-July. Perhaps, at this very moment, you are stuck in a freezing cold air-conditioned cubicle and you are dreaming of the weekend. You can smell the salty beach air, can’t you? Well, Friday is just around the corner! Hold tight…here we come, weekend!


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