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Grey Likes Etsy

I’m starting to accumulate lots of little goodies from my photo shoots, so rather than keep them for some unforeseeable future shoot, I’d rather share them with you! Check out Grey Likes Weddings on Etsy. I only have a few things available right now, but I thought I’d give you a head start if you’re interested in owning the fascinator I designed for our Victor Sizemore Mentor Session! And why not give you a few peeks of our mentor session while we’re at it?

These shots are from Courtney Dellafiora, who captured our model, Anna, beautifully!

Head over here to be the first to grab it up!



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Miniature Rhino: CUSTOM embroidery

More embroidery? Yes, please forgive me. But this time, it’s for the bride and groom. Or for your own wedding. Because how cute is this custom embroidery from Miniature Rhino? I can’t pass it up!!!







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Head Gear: The Hippie Band

These headbands, adorned ever so bravely across one’s forehead, are all the rage. If you’ve got the gumption to pull these off, then look no further than Ice Cream Candy, whose collection of handmade headbands have me reaching for the credit card. How cute would these look for an engagement session? Or perhaps bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or dancing and leaving at your wedding? Come on! I dare you!






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Modern Dowry: Ceramics

I found Ninainvorm via Thoughtful Day. And I’m so glad I did. Because with plates like these, I could serve burnt casserole and it wouldn’t matter. The plates would make up for it. I mean it…I really do. My boyfriend may not agree, but that’s neither here nor there. He just doesn’t appreciate pretty things like I do.

Picture 8

Please note how Nina uses vintage pieces and reworks them. Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. Vintage + Modern = Absolute Obsession! Casserole anyone?

Picture 9

Besides the fact that I want these for my house…be it hung on the wall or serving casserole, I also think these pieces could be a great little addition for a wedding. The Yes, Oui and Love collections are all so perfect. Perhaps you could prop these up on display next to your guest book, hang a few amongst a collage of photos, or implement them pretty much any other place where you can possibly justify their use.


Check out Ninainvorm’s Etsy shop to purchase one of these, keep up with her on her blog AND visit her flickr page in case you can’t get enough.

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Love Birds

I’m all about the love birds on the cake. I just can’t say no! And Ashley Anna Brown makes a version that is not only handmade from vintage fabrics, but also priced rather nicely. How sweet?



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Vintage Cameras

Today on Grey Likes Nesting, we’re all about vintage cameras:

This one already sold since my post this morning.


But I also found this dazzling little 8mm number and it got me thinking…


…about using Super 8mm film for wedding videos. (I know it’s not a new concept…but I wanted to share my love for real film videos!) So I got onto the interwebs, and searched and searched and searched. I wanted to find a video that had just the right vintage feel. And I believe I’ve found it. If I were to style an 8mm shoot for myself, it’d look a lot like this:

For information about videographers that shoot in 8mm film, check out Vintage Glam Weddings for a few great referrals.



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Giveaway Wednesday…er, um, Thursday?

Power cord failure put us down for the count yesterday. But I think this giveaway will most certainly make up for it. For those of you that are working on getting your new nest ready, I think you may find yourself falling in love with the fine art photography from Trever Hoehne.

Trever’s work is like Monet meets Rothko meets film. I seriously can’t name a photographer I love more than Trever. How luck am I that he’s willing to part with a limited edition print? What the heck? I want to enter this giveaway! 







Leave a comment, and tell us what you love. The randomly chosen winner will receive their choice of an 8×8 print from Trever’s Blurry Things site.

Here’s a shot of Trever’s work in a gallery. This is what my walls aspire to: 



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I’m sure there are severals schools of thought when it comes to the whole wedding album thing. I’ve gotta say, if you’re going for a sort of organic look, then you might just love this cutie little album, which has just enough handmade charm to make it oh-so-sweet.

I think this would make for a lovely little gift. Or perhaps a cute spin on the whole guest book thing? Maybe fill the book with pics of you and your love, from birth thru present. Guests will enjoy looking at your adorable photos while they leave their best wishes! Hmmm…the excuses to buy this album are stacking up! 


Giveaway winner and NEW giveaway coming up very soon!

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Nesting: Making the Bed

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS in a state of nesting. ALWAYS. But, I think it would be even worse if I were getting married. New linens for our new bed. New towels for our new bathroom. New flatware. New wall art. New couches. My goodness, I’m getting carried away. Somebody stop me. 

Anyhow, if you are getting a new last name, and want to give a little shout out to a your new letter, I’m totally thinking you might want to go with White Twig, who has such modern options for monogrammed pillows (at REALLY affordable prices) you may have to buy two: one for you and one for your friend…or sister, etc….

I’ll tell you what. My bed is BEGGING for one of these. So is my couch. I may need to buy a bench for my entry, because that bench would want one too. 







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Honeymoon: Shopping Guide {edition one}

Your honeymoon can’t be a better excuse for a little extra shopping. Even though you’re busy planning a wedding, remember to take some time for the ever-necessary retail therapy. There’s nothing like unpacking lots of never-been-worn-tag-is-still-on-outfits from your suitcase. I don’t know about you, but I always feel MUCH cuter when it’s new. From girly sandals to bright bikinis, here’s a list of items I’d want to collect for my own honeymoon. 

Grey's Honeymoon Edition One

Left to right from top: 1. Melissa Obadash Jemima Sun Hat from Polyvore. 2. Cotton Mayfair Pajama from Victoria Secret 3. Araxi Metallic Shoe from Seychelles Footwear 4. Singing Sky Shop necklace via Etsy 5. VZ Rockford Sunglasses in White Sandwich by Von Zipper 6. Pleated Bag from Daphnenen’s Shop via Etsy 7. LDCP Marseille Grapefruit Body Lotion from Willow via Apartment Therapy 8. Bandeau Top from Victoria Secret 9. Gold Bracelet from $10 dollar store via Etsy.


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