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Now, About Us

Hi friends. My name is Amy and I will be holding down the GLW fort this week while Summer styles in the desert. And thank you to Summer for the gracious introduction, as well as the opportunity to guest blog.

As mentioned, I have a blog. I use it to collect and organize what inspires me. My day job is freelance writing. I live in Orange County. I thrift every chance I get. Letterpress makes me weak in the knees. So does Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I do my best work with a spatula. And I am in the market for a harmonica. So that is a bit about me.

Now, about us. I thought I would start our week with a dose of inspiration. This board is inspired by pretty things (with a pretty film couple). I hope you like it.

[1] Darling Dexter, [2] La Pomme, [3] Dandelion Ranch, [4] Allie Coate, [5] Luphia Loves, [6] Kristina Marie, [7]Nice, [8] Trever Hoehne, [9] BJ’s Music

Here’s to a lovely week together.



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Real Wedding: Preston and Tara

Preston and Tara’s love story, in a nutshell, is as follows (courtesy of Kristen Leigh, their amazing photographer): Bride born in Paris, raised in Brazil, Australia, Europe and America, becomes lawyer.  Meets attractive, dapper man lawyer at a wedding (I’m guessing they were the only two not dancing? haha kidding).  They fell in love and planned a wedding.

This wedding is SO MUCH FUN. I really love the vintage carnival theme! Special thanks to Kristen for sharing these images with me…I feel like such a lucky blogger! Check out her blog to see more photos!





Picture 2













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Inspiration Request: Lakeside Vintage Whimsy

I received an email from Whitney, who described her upcoming wedding in September, which will take place outside, next to a lake. Here’s what she wrote:

I have an idea of relaxed, vintage, whimsical (if that makes any sense). I was thinking using colors like grey (not silver. I’m talking grey cotton), maybe light yellow, or green. I really have no idea. I need help! It’s going to be at night with LOTS and LOTS of lanterns that I found on superwholesaler.com. I am using a ton of old vintage dishes and my fiance and I are making cloth napkins out of vintage, floral material. Maybe you can kinda see where I am going??? Sorry I don’t have more direction!

I think Whitney is headed in a GREAT direction, and I instantly started researching some ideas for her. Believe it or not, I got totally carried away. For colors, I went with grey, a few hues of green, and accents of vintage gold, with a tiny splash of cool minty blue. I especially love how well the gold adds to the vintage look.

Notes on what I’ve included:

: : Love the first pic of the fabric brooch. It has a very homemade feel and it would be cute in the hair, on the dress, in lieu of corsages, attached to a ribbon and wrapped around a vase, or affixed atop an apothecary jar filled with ferns.

: : Flowers on the chair. So cute. Creating unexpected elements, like an old garden chair, to display some of your florals adds to the whimsical component.

: : Lace doilies piled on a cake platter. Why? Why not?

: : Bales of hay covered in crisp white linens. Church pews, but not. Swoon.

: : Feathers. Weeds. Herringbone material shaped like a leaf. All great details to make a boutonnierre so much more.

: : Old bench [+] pillows of mix-matched patterns [=] delight.

: : The bronze locket etched with a bird would be a super cute addition to the bouquet stem.

: : Old house numbers found at flea markets and antique stores are reinvented as table numbers. LOVE it.

: : Canopy your buffet tables to add a romantic elegance to your outdoor setting.

I hope you enjoy! (For inspiration requests, feel free to email me.)

lakesidewhimsySources left to right from top: 1. Etsy 2. Rebecca Thuss 3. Martha Stewart 4. Ritzy Bee 5. Etsy 6. {frolic!} 7. Ritzy Bee 8. Rebecca Thuss 9. Ritzy Bee 10. Etsy 11. Bride’s Guide 12. Flickr 13. Junebug Weddings 14. Ritzy Bee 15. Etsy 16. Etsy 17. {frolic!} 18. Etsy 19. Wedding Report 20. Etsy 21. Rebecca Thuss

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Fresh and Vintage

This beautiful aqua, green, blue, and yellow palette was actually inspired by the typewriter. My sister called me this weekend to tell me about the wedding she’d just attended up in Washington. Her favorite feature was the guestbook: a typewriter with one long piece of paper, where guests typed their sentiments for the bride and groom. My sister was disappointed that I’ve seen this idea done, but I thought, maybe all of you haven’t seen it. Here’s a super cute palette based on a typewriter I saw at Three Potato Four. Sadly, it’s already sold…but I’m sure some flea market or ebay seller out there has something that will do the job!


Sources left to right from top: 1. Effervescent Chandelier from Anthropologie 2. Three Potato Four 3. Floral Steampunk Necklace from Bionic Unicorn at Etsy 4. D.Magazine 5. Chameleon Pillow from Anthropologie 6. Weeder’s Digest by Sarah Ryhanen via Design*Sponge 7. Three Potato Four 8. J.Crew 9. Moonlight from Something Different at Etsy


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