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Engaged: Will and Brandi

Whew! This week has been super busy (oh wait…it’s only Tuesday?). We’re getting geared up for Hitched…are you coming? I’d love to meet some Grey readers! I also have a really special DIY project for you coming up on Friday, so get ready for some goodies.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you Will and Brandi’s engagement session shot by the fabulous photographer,  Kaysha Weiner. My words really can’t do better than Kaysha and Brandi, so I thought I’d let them give the intro:

Brandi and Will are getting married in Lake Arrowhead in October, so we planned their engagement shoot to go well with the look and feel of their wedding. The whole theme is particularly sentimental for Brandi, who told me, “As a kid, I remember some of my happiest moments with my family being while we were on camping trips together. There’s just something really comforting about the smell of pine, campfires, and chili dogs–the perfect camping food–that takes me way back to my more adventurous years.”

I hope you enjoy these killer images! Did I mention it’s almost fall? Tomorrow is the first official day and now this session has really got me ready to break out some fall decorations and sweaters!



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Engaged: Love in a Field

When you see this engagement session, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography pretty much owns it when it comes to engagement sessions. I can’t get enough of all the beautiful warm light in this session…of course a cutie couple and super fun scenery helps as well! I hope you love this session as much as I do! Extra special thanks to Hunter for sharing this session just with us!


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Engaged: Arthur and Jessica

First off, this couple is absolutely darling. Second, because the groom is studying to be an optometrist, their stylists, Tiffany and Amber of Thank Chic Santa Barbara, decided to play up the theme…which turned out so dang cute, I can’t even handle it. And third, special special thanks to photographers Gina Oh and Kim Seidel of Gina Maxine Photography for being willing to share such a darling session with us. They are such talented photographers and though their work speaks for itself, I must say–it is really amazing!

Resources included: Urban Outfitters: Striped blanket, glasses, his yellow shoes and striped laces, initial necklaces, her black shoes, his light yellow striped shirt. Forever 21: both dresses, skirt and tank, striped socks, knee high socks and her tights. Anthropologie: yellow plate and brass plate holder, candle holder, turquoise and blue pots. Ebay: eye tie. Flea market: Miscellaneous.


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Farewell to Summer

As we bid farewell to summer (though I honestly doubt it ever really came at all what with this wimpy weather–but that’s neither here nor there) I wanted to share one final homage to warmer days. This engagement session by Breen Film was shot underwater! I can’t resist the groom to be, who somehow found a tux to take in for the dive. I love how ethereal these images look!


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Ditte Isager

August is now behind us (how did that happen so quickly?!) and although the technical start of fall isn’t for a few more weeks, September always seems to feel like unofficial launch of autumn. So, I thought today that I’d bring you some gorgeous images from Ditte Isager. This shoot has such fun, quirky inspiration for a fall engagement session. And because fall is my favorite season, I really couldn’t wait until September 22nd to show you a few pretties from Ditte. Happy September!


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Engaged: Elisa and Andrew

Elisa and Andrew are a super adorable couple that wanted to incorporate their love of reading into their engagement session. Of course, I think it’s fabulous when couples look for ways make their images more personal and this session really speaks volumes about Elisa and Andrew. Photographer Adrienne Gunde took these gorgeous photos and seems to be a bit of a stylist herself–she put together all these fun details that I know you’re going to adore! I think the heart shaped kite is my favorite! Thanks, Adrienne for sharing!


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Engaged: Devin and Sonny

This engagement session is so much fun! Devin and Sonny have a really killer ensemble and the hats? Can’t get enough of the hats! Can we bring back hats, please? They are just so classy!

Special thanks to photographer Lori Hensley for sharing with us her gorgeous images of Devin and Sonny!


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Hammers & Strings

Photographer Clayton Austin has a gorgeous engagement series that he calls “Hammers and Strings,” which involves an old beat up piano that couldn’t be more perfect. Hunter and Brittney are a very sweet couple, and as I understand it, became engaged during the course of this session. How romantic, no?! Thanks to Clayton for sharing!


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Engaged: Kim and Matt

I’m so delighted to share Kim and Matt’s eclectic engagement session with you shot by Amanda and Carina of Love Me Do Photography. It feels like a little glimpse into their lives…I love how personal it is. I know Kim and Matt will look back one day, 30 years down the road, and show their kids these images of their first home, their first pet, and their early hobbies.

This session comes to you in three acts.


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Engaged: Sandy and YongKyun

This engagement session is simply beautiful. Gorgeous lighting. Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous scenery. It couldn’t get better. This was sent to me by MoAE Photography and I’m so delighted to share it with you!

We’re announcing the winner to our survey giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

I’m on my way to Atlanta right now. I’m visiting some relatives before I head to Charleston for a photo shoot with Victor Sizemore. It’ll be a great week. But not to worry–I’ll be posting to you from the deep south. Someone get me to a mint julep. Stat!


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