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SugarBloom: Tall Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE finding fresh takes on standard fare, which is why I had to share this fun twist on a classic favorite. SugarBloom Cupcakes is taking the cupcake to new heights with these tall cupcakes (pardon the pun), elevating the status of this humble dessert.

The delicate treats are absolutely divine, but unless you’re located in Melbourne, Australia, you won’t have a chance to try them out first hand. However, I’ve got the next best option: SugarBloom’s free online tutorial for making tall cupcakes. How impressive would these be at a wedding shower? I’m not gonna lie to you though…this recipe is not for the faint of heart! I have a feeling it is totally worth it though.

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 3



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If you didn’t see this fabulous DIY post on Design*Sponge, then you ought to check it out now. Speaking of getaway… How are you planning to do yours? Bike? Classic car? Limo? Bus? Boat? Are you decorating your getup?



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DIY Friday: Poms

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You’re just a few hours away from the weekend! I’ve got three more post planned for today, which will hopefully help you cope with your anticipation. We’ll start it off with DIY Friday!

Today’s project is a lovely little idea that would work for almost any event. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Pom. I found these Martha Stewart images via Of Paper and Things and think these would make for SUPER cute decorations, especially for a small scale event, like a bridal shower. I love seeing them in all sorts of sizes. SO. STINKING. CUTE. Click here for Martha’s tutorial. 


Aaaand….if you aren’t suited for crafting, perhaps you’d consider purchasing these pretty ones from Pom Love. Not all of us love backbreaking DIY projects that bring us to tears and keep us toiling away into the late night hours. If you’re one of those gals, these are a much easier option.  




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DIY(ish) Friday: Monogram Aisle Runner

Alrighty now! I’ve got a DIY trick that cheats the work and money so much, you’re going to freak out. No, seriously, I mean it. 

Let’s break it down. Monogram aisle runners. Love it or hate it? If you love it, then here’s the low down. You can order a custom one and pay for the fabulous non-slip quality variety like these ones from Original Runners



Now, if you can’t afford these pretties, but you want a monogram runner, I’ve seen a few people who suggest the old stencil-and-paint routine. Awesome idea, but honestly, I am not neat enough, coordinated enough, OR patient enough to search for just the right stencil and apply paint in any sort of tidy manner. (Just ask my sisters: when we’re painting walls, they don’t allow me help…I’m always assigned to taping duty!) With my luck, I’d end up with some sort of foot print and a shmooshed smear from my hiney having bathed in wet paint. I’m not kidding. Paint and I do NOT get along. 

Here’s where the super brilliant short cut comes in. Are you ready for this? You won’t be able to deal once you see how over-the-top easy this is. You are going to die. I. mean. it.

Just My Luck Designs from Etsy offers custom vinyl sticker monograms. That’s right…custom stickers (and they start at just $13!!!). They’re usually for walls, but what’s stopping you from throwing it onto your aisle runner? It’s that easy…peel off the back, slap it down and voila! You’ve saved yourself a couple benjamins and/or TONS of hours. I’ve never been motivated to either purchase or paint a monogram on a runner, but with an option this easy AND affordable, I think I may just put it on my “must have” list! Please tell me you’re impressed! 





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Terrarium + Moss

I’m a huge fan of the terrarium. The succulent terrarium, which takes almost NO work, is totally great. In fact, Lindsay over at M.Stetson Design has a lovely little DIY (do it yourself) how-to guide here.

I have a couple of super cute vessels that have lids, which creates a micro-ecosystem for plants…their moisture recycles and you don’t have to do any watering. After checking out Lindsay’s project, I decided to make my own terrarium. HOWEVER, I learned that succulents plus lots of moisture (because I put a lid on my terrarium) equals a gooey death by H2O. Succulents don’t like too much water, so if you have apothecary jars and you’d like to do a similar project, moss is a great alternative. And if you are NOT a DIY-er, Made by Mavis sells some completed terrariums here. Love. These. They would be a great option for decor for a shower or wedding. 






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