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Trousseau Tea

I’m starting today off with a little tid bit from my trip to Charleston last month. Before our photo shoot, I had a chance to visit family in Georgia…and I had the time of my life. I’m telling you, I think I was meant to live in the south. While there, we got to talking about southern traditions–and how could we not get around to talking about southern wedding traditions? Who knew I had so much to learn?

So apparently in the south, there’s this tradition called the Trousseau Tea. First off, you’ve got to understand that in the south, weddings are more often a big deal…and women really know how to shower brides. Weddings can also often times be bigger (particularly with more traditional couples and families) which means more guests to invite to showers. For example, my cousin apparently had somewhere in the range of ten showers. TEN. She had one for work, one for lingerie, one with her mom’s friends, and so on and so forth. So the Trousseau Tea is kind of like the culmination of all the showers a bride has had. It is an open house format, usually hosted by the mother of the bride, and guests are invited to the Trousseau Tea where all of the brides gifts are on display. This stems from a Victorian custom that involved showing off a bride’s trousseau, but today, it’s a bit more a thank you to guests and an opportunity to celebrate together once more before the wedding.

All that said, while in Georgia, we threw together a little mini Trousseau Tea and I wanted to share some of the images that photographer Lindsay McDowell had a chance to shoot. I hope you enjoy a little inspiration and a little lesson in wedding history and traditions.

Oh…and be sure to check back later today. I’ll announce the winner of our Hitched Giveaway…If you want to win, there’s still time! Leave a comment!


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She Likes Yellow

How cute is this Jar Full of Yellow by Sweet Love Vintage (whose shop you really really should check out here because EVERYTHING in it is SO CUTE!)? The idea is so creative and full of potential. Perhaps you could use the concept as a shower centerpiece, or maybe you could put something fun like this at your guest book table or at your rehearsal dinner; you could make one jar for the bride and one for the groom. This is just a starting off point, but think of all the possibilities! Of course, you could also just purchase this jar of yellow and have it delivered to your doorstep. I always say, DI-Why?


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DIY Friday: Tea Envelopes

I spotted this simple and sweet DIY project over at A Print A Day. It would make a really darling favor for a shower, no? (Or perhaps a special “get well” to send off to a loved one?)


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DIY: Drink Me!

Custom stationery and design studio, Truly Smitten recently created some totally adorable bottle tags that read: “Drink Me!”. I love those types of commands. Yes, I don’t mind if I do. Sara, the designer behind the fab blog and studio, even went so far as to offer a free download of the tags, so be sure to head over to her blog and save the pdf! These would be so great for any sort of wedding, shower, or Thursday evening for that matter.


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Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower

This Tiffany blue bridal shower is absolutely gorgeous. Bet you’d never guess it was done on a budget! With the combined talents of Nanci at So Happi Together, Jane at Olive Hue Paper, Melody at Sweet and Saucy, and a few other vendors (see below), the result is absolutely lovely. Thoughtful, well-executed details (and some Trader Joe’s peonies) are all it really takes! Connie M. Chung Photography took these photos! Thanks gals for sharing!

Special thanks for the provision of: Chiavari Chairs – Chiavari Chair Rentals | Linens –  Elegant Design Specialty Linens


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The Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

There are so many great ideas for bachelor and bachelorette parties, especially if you aren’t interested in heading to your local bar and over indulging in alcohol just because you feel obligated to. Alyssa and Alex, whose engagement session I featured here, decided to mix it up. The guys went dirt biking and the gals went wine tasting. What I love most is that they decided to hire Troy Grover Photography to capture all the great moments. I LOVE this idea! Troy went with the guys and his wife/business partner/second shooter Aimee went with the gals. Check it out:

And here’s the guys…

For more, go check out Troy’s blog!

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Leifsdottir Plans My Shower

Today I’m feeling incredibly inspired by Anthropologie’s sister store, Leifsdottir and their new lookbook:

I would LOVE to design a shower around this concept. First, I’d start with moss table runners, like these from Jamali Garden (center left). I’d also track down some bird cages, like these, I found on Ebay (top left). And I’d probably frame a few of these antique fern prints from High Street Vintage (bottom left). Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these vintage repro prints from Love Elizabeth which are necessary if you’re going to take it to the next level (main photo).

Go therefore, and plan it!!!


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