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DIY: Cheat Bow Tie

I spied this easy cheat bow tie DIY project over on The All Things Original Blog and wanted to share it with you. The project was created by Louise from Super Duper Things. I’m not sure…but perhaps in the right size these might work for groomsmen? To check out the entire project in full size, be sure to head over to The All Things Original Blog!


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Custom Love Potion

You MIGHT hate me for this post. Because I’m going to show you something super cute, but kinda tough to DIY. I’ll be honest, this one’s kind of a toughie; but it’s so great, I couldn’t resist sharing!

Staci over at Sunlight Nights made an amazing six pack of beers with custom labels for her boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. And it got me thinking how killer custom labels might be at a wedding. You might not be able to do a fancy die cut like Staci has done here, but perhaps you could whip something great up and print them on labels like these from Paper Source. The labels come with a template, and if your stationery designer has created something custom for you, like a sort of wedding “logo” then you could easily apply it to the labels. Getting the original labels off your beers is as simple as soaking them in water and peeling them right off.

I know… I’m really really crazy. But I love the idea. They might work for a great custom gift for the groomsmen, or a welcome gift for your out-of-town guests, or perhaps as a favor on some wine at your shower! It’s just a crazy thought, I know… but seriously, if you’ve got a LONG engagement, you might as well tackle a few DIY projects, right?


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The Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

There are so many great ideas for bachelor and bachelorette parties, especially if you aren’t interested in heading to your local bar and over indulging in alcohol just because you feel obligated to. Alyssa and Alex, whose engagement session I featured here, decided to mix it up. The guys went dirt biking and the gals went wine tasting. What I love most is that they decided to hire Troy Grover Photography to capture all the great moments. I LOVE this idea! Troy went with the guys and his wife/business partner/second shooter Aimee went with the gals. Check it out:

And here’s the guys…

For more, go check out Troy’s blog!

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Found: Groom’s Socks!


{Green Apple Photo}

You all loved these so much, we just had to find out more! And alas, the lovely source is Mikela from Tie That Binds, who I JUST featured here. The “Cold Feet” label is available for purchase here in a downloadable pdf format (which of course is to be used JUST for the purchaser!)


I can’t tell you how much I love this idea…it’s a little something special for the groom.


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