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Recipe Cards

If you’re having a kitchen shower, I think these letterpressed recipe cards from Dingbat Press just might be a great addition to send out to your attendees. Does it get any better than good food and letterpress? I think not!





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Kitchen Registry & Shower

First off, woops! Sorry for the late post. The truth is, my laptop’s power cord has been on the fritz and last night, it caught on fire. CAUGHT ON FIRE. That’s right: spark, spark, FLAME, smoke, freak out, unplug, stomp, sigh. Today was a bit of a fiasco waiting in line at the Genius Bar, but those Apple folks really do know how to treat a customer right. We’re back up and running. Whew! 

Now, on to business. I love the idea of a kitchen shower, because in my other life, I’d like to be a chef:


But I HATE shower games–I mean ABHOR with a dirty passion. However, I do have a special place in my heart for one simple little stunt that’s always good for a laugh: Set up a table with the ingredients necessary to bake a cake. We’re not talking pre-mixed Betty Crocker. We’re talking flour, milk, eggs, baking powder and sugar. Keep this as a surprise to the bride until she shows up to the shower. While the guests look on, ask her to attempt to bake a cake WITHOUT the help of a recipe. Then throw the cake in the oven while you open gifts, and when it’s done, make all the guests try a bite. You’ll love the hilarious results! 

Perhaps your bride to be will need one of these to get her in the mood for such a dirty little trick: 


Anyhow, I don’t know about you, but registering for a wedding seems to be one of the most exciting parts about getting married. Oh JOY! I’m not going to lie though. I’m CRAZY picky. And I like a mish mosh of modern pieces mixed in with a really organic vibe, and maybe a little side of romantic femme. So what’s a girl to do?

If it were me, I think I’d turn to a resource like My Registry. This is a glorious site that allows you to register at ANY online store, for any of their online products. The beauty is, all your picks are in one online location, which is easier for guests and more versatile for you! What’s not to love? So, you can take all those pretty goods from Bloomingdales:


And throw in a unique find or two from Etsy


Now, on to more eye candy. Here are some of my fave kitchen finds that I’d most certainly put on my registry. The sources range from Etsy to Crate&Barrel, which is why I love the idea of a one-stop-shop resource. 

Notable favorites: #1-Custom Napkin rings made from clay. Pick your favorite words. How cute? #3-Coasters/Magnets/Chalkboard. All in one! #4-Dutch Oven. Most used item in my kitchen…I’m madly in love! #9-You Are Special Today Plate When I was a girl, we always got to eat on this plate if it was our birthday. I love this modern take on the old classic. #12-Why do I love unnecessary ruffles? I can’t explain it.  

kitchenshowerSources left to right from top: 1. Custom Napkin Rings by Rae Dunn 2. Williams Sonoma 3. Etsy 4. Williams Sonoma 5. Escalante Dinnerware 6. Ferm Living via Pure Modern 7. Williams Sonoma 8. Williams Sonoma 9. Esty via Poppytalk Handmade 10. Crate&Barrel 11. Beehive Kitchenware via Poppytalk Handmade 12. Eden & Eden


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These images from Victoria Pearson are absolute perfection, and when I look at them, I want to take a nap. Hmmm…I mean…they are so peaceful and lovely, I can’t help but breathe in, sigh, and soak it all in. Victoria is an advertising photographer, but she’s the best of the best, and so inspiring, I just had to share. I think these images would make for lovely shower inspiration. I threw in a little goodie from Martha to start us off. 









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DIY Friday: Poms

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You’re just a few hours away from the weekend! I’ve got three more post planned for today, which will hopefully help you cope with your anticipation. We’ll start it off with DIY Friday!

Today’s project is a lovely little idea that would work for almost any event. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Pom. I found these Martha Stewart images via Of Paper and Things and think these would make for SUPER cute decorations, especially for a small scale event, like a bridal shower. I love seeing them in all sorts of sizes. SO. STINKING. CUTE. Click here for Martha’s tutorial. 


Aaaand….if you aren’t suited for crafting, perhaps you’d consider purchasing these pretty ones from Pom Love. Not all of us love backbreaking DIY projects that bring us to tears and keep us toiling away into the late night hours. If you’re one of those gals, these are a much easier option.  




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Inspiration Request: Brown and White

I received an inspiration request last week for a brown and white inspiration palette. I may be designing a posh bridal shower based on these colors, so it was really fun to put this together. My two favorites on the board? Chocolate martinis and monogrammed chocolates (which are more affordable than you can imagine!) Hope you enjoy! 


Sources left to right from top: 1. Snippet & Ink 2. Source 3. Mimi Design via Snippet & Ink 4. The Knot 5. Martha Stewart 6. The Knot 7. Etsy 8. Tanner’s Pecan 9. Etsy 10. Martha Stewart 11. Earrings 12. Snippet & Ink 13. Martha Stewart 14. Snippet & Ink 15. Martha Stewart 16. Sandstone 17. Etsy 18. Source


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