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Lo Boheme

Have you bought your Hitched tickets yet? They are almost gone! And you’ve really got to see our fashion show! We just added another beautiful vendor: Lo Boheme will be sharing a few pieces in the show. I’m feeling so inspired by this piece of theirs:


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Ouma Clothing

Monique Martinez is the designer for Ouma Clothing, a fabulously romantic Etsy shop with a flair for feminine and romantic detailing. Here are a few images from her store:

Monique recently teamed up with Lindsay Ann Photography to showcase some of her new offerings and I loved the vibe so much, I had to share some of the images with you. Here are a few snapshots from the day. Be sure to check out Monique’s store Ouma…so many great finds!

Photographer: Lindsay Ann Photography | Dresses: Monique Martiez of Ouma Clothing | Hair Pieces:   Xappa of Space Cadet | Hair &Makeup: Vicki Vee | Location: Heber, Az


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Sally Dixon

My web travels last night lead me to stylist Sally Dixon, and I was so inspired by her work, that I felt compelled to share her work with you. Eat your heart out…


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Jenny Packham

Today’s post is a simple one. I recently discovered wedding dress designer Jenny Packham, whose work is SO REFRESHING! As I’ve said before, I don’t pay much attention to dress designers when it comes to my vision for my own wedding one day. But with Jenny Packham, I can’t help but make a mental note that I need to try her designs on…they are just. so. good. And such a departure from the norm…


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Grey Likes Etsy

I’m starting to accumulate lots of little goodies from my photo shoots, so rather than keep them for some unforeseeable future shoot, I’d rather share them with you! Check out Grey Likes Weddings on Etsy. I only have a few things available right now, but I thought I’d give you a head start if you’re interested in owning the fascinator I designed for our Victor Sizemore Mentor Session! And why not give you a few peeks of our mentor session while we’re at it?

These shots are from Courtney Dellafiora, who captured our model, Anna, beautifully!

Head over here to be the first to grab it up!


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Less is More

Happy Wednesday. It’s my day off and I have much to tackle: I plan to refinish a bookshelf and catch a showing of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” at the dollar theater. I might clean out my car but I won’t make any promises.

As you know, the Academy Awards were Sunday night. At an earlier ceremony, actress Lauren Bacall was presented with an honorary Oscar for her career accomplishments. Bacall is a personal favorite for her remarkable beauty and elegant style, as well as her acting finesse. While watching b-roll footage of her film work, I wondered about her wedding to Humphrey Bogart. I was curious as to what she wore, where the ceremony was held, and so on.

Enter Google.

Their wedding and honeymoon took place at Malabar Farm near Lucas, Ohio. It was the country home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield, a close friend of Bogart. That’s swell, but what gets me is her wedding dress.

Yes, that is it. Here is further proof.

(Images: Ed Clark/Time & Life Pictures)

Maybe I am too modern a girl, but I think she looks fabulous. The simplicity of the wedding ceremony combined with their visible happiness is inspiring. Because sometimes less is more. And what’s most is who you’re with and why you’re there.



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Johanna Johnson

I’m one of those girls who has never thought much about the kind of dress I’m going to wear to my wedding one day. I’ve never tried one on and haven’t torn out pictures or catalogued designers…mostly because I know that most girls end up with something different than they picked out from the magazines. The shape of your figure and the shape of the dress are such huge determining factors, that until you try on dresses, you really just won’t know what looks great. So I don’t pay super close attention to wedding dresses (at least in terms of “shopping” for myself).

That is until now.

If there was one dress and accessory designer I could adorn myself with, Johanna Johnson would be it. Are you ready for it? I DIE.

(Oh…and I gotta give props to my girl, MaeMae for changing my life with said dresses.)


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New Obsession: Elizabeth Dye

I don’t know where to begin. All I know is, I’m absurdly jealous of designers like Elizabeth Dye, whose store The English Department, completely embodies everything I define perfection to be. Elizabeth Dye’s new Spring 2010 Collection is feminine, simple, and elegantly detailed. This is on a VERY short list of dresses that I’d track down to try on. Lisa Warninger is responsible for such gorgeous photography of well deserving dresses!


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Ruffle Resource

I received a fabulous little gift in my email this morning. It was a message from Jen, our gorgeous bride in yesterday’s wedding telling me where one can score her ruffled caplet:

Picture 16

Hold onto your hats and glasses folks. I’d like you to meet Kate Towers.

Picture 14

Picture 11

Picture 13

Picture 15

Kate is a Portland based designer who creates one-of-a-kind pieces. You can purchase items at her Etsy shop, which she assures us will be full of new goods very soon. But when you’re a designer this good, I imagine it’d be hard to keep anything on the shelves.

Picture 12



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Ruffle My Feathers

*SIGH*  I’m sincerely grateful for the increasing trend in fashion toward femininity and romance. My heart is alight with this flirty little curiosity they call a ruffle. Take a moment and swoon with me, will you?


Sources left to right from top: 1. Eruca 2. Pronovias 3. Twigs and Honey 4.Pronovias 5. Louboutin 6. J.Crew 7. Polyvore 8. Jose Villa 9. Victoria Secret


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