Jenny Packham

Today’s post is a simple one. I recently discovered wedding dress designer Jenny Packham, whose work is SO REFRESHING! As I’ve said before, I don’t pay much attention to dress designers when it comes to my vision for my own wedding one day. But with Jenny Packham, I can’t help but make a mental note that I need to try her designs on…they are just. so. good. And such a departure from the norm…


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8 responses to “Jenny Packham

  1. oh my goodness this is exactly the post i needed today. i’m on the hunt for my custom wedding dress!

  2. Oh indeed and take it from one who went to her sample sale today, even when they are dishevelled from being tried on many a time they are still too pretty!

  3. I love her gowns, they remind me of Old Hollywood glamour.

  4. Amber

    They’re all so romantic and a few a little whimsical.

  5. LOVE Jenny Packham! She’s a designer after my own heart.

  6. totally agree. these are HOT.

  7. I love Jenny Packham’s designs, she gets the vintage look happening without it getting frumpy. You should definitely try your dresses on – they feel amazzzing 🙂

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