New Obsession: Elizabeth Dye

I don’t know where to begin. All I know is, I’m absurdly jealous of designers like Elizabeth Dye, whose store The English Department, completely embodies everything I define perfection to be. Elizabeth Dye’s new Spring 2010 Collection is feminine, simple, and elegantly detailed. This is on a VERY short list of dresses that I’d track down to try on. Lisa Warninger is responsible for such gorgeous photography of well deserving dresses!



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4 responses to “New Obsession: Elizabeth Dye

  1. So simple, yet so chic! I love the last one on the right. Gorgeous!

  2. Anh

    The Drifter and the Gypsy referred me to your website, and I’m very glad she did. I love these dresses! I’m not nearly old enough to get married yet, but I’m already fantasizing my dream wedding. :] These gowns make me want to fall in love with them, and yet again.

  3. Eliza Lewis

    I love these dresses! Your blog posts are great. I enjoy seeing what you post each week!

  4. Elizabeth Dye made my wife’s dress. It was gorgeous!

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