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Real Wedding: Erin and Nic

Happy Monday! I hope you are recovering from a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. I absolutely loved spending the last few days in the kitchen with my nearest and dearest. But I haven’t felt hungry since Wednesday. As I spend the day recuperating and getting back in gear, I thought I’d share Erin and Nic’s wedding with you.

Kristin Spencer was unbelievably kind enough to let me share this wedding with you and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel. This wedding is so unbelievably summery and nautical and East Coast. Everything I’d want in a wedding. I know it’s hard to take yourself back to July, what with your chilly temperatures outside and warm pumpkin bread in hand. But the moment you see these photos, you’ll wish you were sipping lemonade on a Nantucket beach.



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An Anthropologie Christmas

I’m starting today off with a little holiday buzz. My sister put this board together and I couldn’t resist sharing it. Get thee to Anthro!


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Engaged: Poppy and Wes

My boyfriend and I have this secret dream of raising our kids on a ranch. It’d be so earthy and back to nature. But every time we mention it to our families, they freak out; one, because there aren’t any “ranches” within a 25 mile radius and two, what in the hell do we know about ranching? Two strong points. Until we figure out how to satisfy our desire for wide open spaces (can’t not insert Dixie Chicks song which is now on replay in my head…UGH) we’ll have to settle for some eye candy. What could be better than a super hot couple running around a ranch in Austin, Texas? I can see myself there now….

April Rankin sent over these fun-tastic photos of Poppy (I die…what a cute name!) and Wes. The couple’s story is classic city meets country and my insane jealousy for such a situation has not stopped me from sharing this here yee-haw session with you.



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Engaged: Alyssa and Alex

Troy Grover sent over these super fab Palm Springs engagement pics, and because (as you may already know) I can’t resist a bow tie, I felt morally obligated to share these with you (seeing as how, in my humble opinion, this hard-to-pull-off-yet-absolutely-irresistible-accoutrement deserves a bit more attention than it already receives).


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Real Wedding: Alyssa and Johnny

Alyssa and Johnny’s darling Seattle wedding shot by Adam Sjoberg was sent to me by Lindye Galloway, who designed the entire affair. I’m loving the navy…and the bridesmaid dresses…and of course the unreal sunset that started off the reception. Also, I really like how they used green glass bottles everywhere. Not only are they a fun, quirky touch, but they’re the type of centerpiece that you can collect yourself…very DIY friendly!



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Alice Saves the Date

Jeff Wallace, who is a super fab photographer, just so happens to be getting married next year. He recently enlisted the services of Trever Hoehne to shoot his save the date cards, which I just totally love! It’s a modern take on Alice in Wonderland, which is the theme for their wedding. I’m not usually into theme-y motifs like this, but when it is as modern as this, I’m all for it! Way to go Jeff on designing such a fab save the date!



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Birds of a feather…

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that leave us feeling nostalgic and sentimental.  I want to give this to my boyfriend… if only I knew he’d appreciate a feather for a gift as much as I would…

Could this work as an element for a wedding or shower though? Hmmm…


{pretty paper via ffffound}


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Engaged: Nicole and Michael

Soooo…when Jenny Liu sent over the photos of this engagement session, I was absolutely tickled! I’m really into the editorial and story-telling approach to engagement shoots, so of course I felt jealous tingles when I saw Nicole’s vintage suitcase approach to her engagement shoot. How cute, right? Is it weird that I’ve been looking up vintage suitcases on Etsy ever since I saw these? Hmmm…



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Miniature Rhino: CUSTOM embroidery

More embroidery? Yes, please forgive me. But this time, it’s for the bride and groom. Or for your own wedding. Because how cute is this custom embroidery from Miniature Rhino? I can’t pass it up!!!







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Real Wedding: Chris and Layla

It’s a little known fact that I went to graduate school to study English. I had originally thought I wanted to get my doctorate and teach literature. Then I realized how terrible the job market is for Ph.D.’s in English. And the plan started to unravel. Nevertheless, I have an obsession with words, which means my favorite game is Scrabble (though oddly, not many people like to play it with me. Hmmm?).

So you can imagine my absolute delight when Jeff Wallace sent over this wedding which incorporated a little shout out to Scrabble, which Chris and Layla played on their first date. How cute is that? Such personality!











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