A Love Shoot

I’ve got not one, but TWO super great little sessions for you today. A love shoot AND an engagement shoot.

First up, this darling little love session shot by Blue Kite Photo. There’s something about a little sign and some polaroids that just really make it work for me! Check back in a few hours for a GREAT engagement session!


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6 responses to “A Love Shoot

  1. these are adorable. i love the signage.

  2. I love the sign, polaroids and flower in the hair! All these details are beautiful and really add a nice touch to this session!

  3. Tessa , Utah Bride and Groom

    What a darling shoot! Amazing how an adorable little “love” sign can make a photo 🙂

  4. Grey

    I know! Just a few cute additions and there’s so much interest in the photos!!!

  5. Katherine

    the creativity never ends with these two!

    so excited about michael and juliet taking my wedding photos this August!

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