Library Love: Leila and Tim

I totally adore this darling couple and their love shoot in the library. Mastin Sudio shot this and I’ve got to say, they are killing on the awesome locations! This is part one of the engagement. Part two is totally different, so it gets it’s own post and you’ll see it soon! (Do I need to tell you how much I LOVE the wardrobes here?)



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8 responses to “Library Love: Leila and Tim

  1. Love their cute smiles in the second photo down (right) — perfection!

  2. This was such a fun photo shoot. I love how these turned out! Thanks!

  3. love this idea…mostly because i’m obsessively in love with books! these photos are great!

  4. LOVE this shoot. Makes me want to expand my collection of literary boutonnieres…

  5. Grey

    I know. It’s such a simple little session but SO dang adorable!

  6. so cute and simple! Love the idea!

  7. Cute photos! love the last one 🙂

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