Engaged: Andrea and Evan

Have I mentioned that we’re deep into engagement photo season? Here’s one from the ever-fabulous Jenny Haas, who I really can’t get enough of! Andrea and Evan’s engagement session is full of creative little touches that make for a really fun shoot!


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7 responses to “Engaged: Andrea and Evan

  1. super cute props! love the idea of using a kite.

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  3. This couple is so adorable and I love the photos!! The kite is a perfect, easy-breezy kind of prop.

  4. Ahh..the kite i love a nice change from balloons. heart the love banner too!

  5. Love the kite. Very sweet nostalgic feeling. I live right up the hill in Seattle from a park with a hill called ‘Kite Hill,’ and there’s a kite shop just down the way. I might have to try this in one of my engagement shoots!

  6. The shoot looks totally natural for this couple, which is great! Of course, loving the kite.

  7. Grey

    If you try it, send it my way! 🙂

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