Custom Love Potion

You MIGHT hate me for this post. Because I’m going to show you something super cute, but kinda tough to DIY. I’ll be honest, this one’s kind of a toughie; but it’s so great, I couldn’t resist sharing!

Staci over at Sunlight Nights made an amazing six pack of beers with custom labels for her boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. And it got me thinking how killer custom labels might be at a wedding. You might not be able to do a fancy die cut like Staci has done here, but perhaps you could whip something great up and print them on labels like these from Paper Source. The labels come with a template, and if your stationery designer has created something custom for you, like a sort of wedding “logo” then you could easily apply it to the labels. Getting the original labels off your beers is as simple as soaking them in water and peeling them right off.

I know… I’m really really crazy. But I love the idea. They might work for a great custom gift for the groomsmen, or a welcome gift for your out-of-town guests, or perhaps as a favor on some wine at your shower! It’s just a crazy thought, I know… but seriously, if you’ve got a LONG engagement, you might as well tackle a few DIY projects, right?



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10 responses to “Custom Love Potion

  1. those are too stinking cute.

  2. this is an awesomely fun & cute idea!

  3. Those are a great idea, and not that hard really. I did something similar for my wedding just as you said- using the custom monogram my stationer had designed and printing on paper source labels. Thanks for sharing. I love DIY!

  4. i think this is AWESOME and SO freaking creative!

  5. …and for all of you ‘non-crafty’ types…check out these adorable laser-cut beer holders!

  6. These are great! Love the designs.

  7. This is a GREAT idea! I’ve heard of people brewing their own beer for their wedding, but the labels are the cherry on top…. or I guess the frothy head on top??

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