DIY Hot Air Balloon Kits

I received an email last week from a reader that was desperate to track down the hot air balloons from these photos by Brandon Kidd:

The hot air balloons were a handmade item that I designed and assembled for a workshop/photo shoot last fall. The vintage hot air balloon motif was so much fun to work with and since it might be something you’d like to use for your own shower, wedding, birthday or event (and per last week’s email and a few other inquiries) I’ve put together an Etsy offering for custom DIY Hot Air Balloon Kits. You could even order the stationery suite from MaeMae Paperie!

Also, I wrote an article for The Storque: Etsy’s Handmade Blog that features a collection vintage items for your wedding. It includes lots more photos from this shoot as well as a ton of great vintage finds, so be sure to check it out!


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7 responses to “DIY Hot Air Balloon Kits

  1. wow, i LOVE this idea and these pictures are just GORGEOUS and soo dreamy!! i’m definitely going to share this with my engaged friends!!

  2. Great article and beautiful shots!

  3. I fell in love with this suite the first time I saw it. It looks like such a fun feature for a wedding!

  4. This was such an amazing idea! Great to hear that you put together a diy. The photos Brandon took are incredible.


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  6. i have to know, what kind of flowers are in these flower arrangements?! are any of these dried flowers in the arrangements? i have been staring at these pictures for almost 2 months and STILL cannot get it figured out! help!

    thanks so much!

  7. Hi Kate! I was the floral designer for those arrangements, and all the flowers used are listed on my blog, here:
    The only dried elements were the lotus pods– all the others were fresh cut flowers. Hope that helps!

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