Julie and Mike: A Nautical Engagement

Let me tell you what I love so much about this engagement session: Photographer Yuriy Manchik along with his beautiful subjects, Julie and Mike, picked a location that is chock full of details that come naturally to the setting. This old-fisherman-wharf-vibe is really working for me!

Special thanks to Yuriy for graciously sharing the session and a shout out to his fiance, who is a Grey reader!


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15 responses to “Julie and Mike: A Nautical Engagement

  1. Love this shoot, such a great location some beautiful detail and stunning summer vibe.

  2. So cute! Love it all.

  3. sooo cute! i love nautical everything. xo!

  4. Love the rope and bouie shot!! Such a great idea!

  5. Love this shoot! This is exactly how I envision my own engagement session. I just with I had a gorgeous yacht to cruise around the Toronto Harbor on. Fabulous work.

  6. aww makes me want to drive to cape cod … i’m so ready for summer

  7. Yay, yay, yay! So glad you posted this. Yuriy is awesome! I love his work.

  8. This is so cute! Love this post – am sharing on my fb page too

  9. This is so up my alley – love it all!

  10. I’m Yuriy’s fiance– thanks for the shout-out! Made me smile. It’s true… greylikesweddings is in my favorites.

  11. Grey

    Aw! Thanks, Julia!!!! You totally deserved the shout-out!

  12. Love these pics they make me want to go on a weekend getaway!

  13. Themed engagement shoots are MUST these days, and this one is stunning. There’s something so romantic about boats and lakes. Congrats to the couple!

  14. OH, that last photo is so great! Navy sperry’s and barefeet on the dock=perfection!

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