Mother’s Day Picnic

For Mother’s Day this year, we celebrated my mom as well as my sister, who is a mom for the first time this year. I thought I’d share our picnic with you, because I think if you are hosting a small wedding, an outdoor picnic might be a fun alternative to brunch the morning after the wedding. You can even use leftover flowers and decor from your wedding! A picnic might also be a great idea for the afternoon of your rehearsal dinner. Lunch in the park and lawn games with out-of-town guests and family could be the perfect antidote to wedding stress and jitters.

The photos are by T&H Photography and myself. Flowers and styling by Grey Likes Weddings.

For the recipe and photos of these lemon tartlettes we made for the picnic, check out Grey Likes Nesting!



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10 responses to “Mother’s Day Picnic

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  2. so sweet, and those lemon tartlettes look delish!

  3. love this! We are doing a picnic for our wedding reception, so thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Your picnic looks so refreshing and springy! Love it Summer…

  5. Grey

    Oh my gosh! A picnic wedding reception??? I LOVE it!!! I MUST see pictures!

  6. A beautiful atmosphere you created in such a lovely setting…I’m sure your mom was both delighted and honored:) A wonderful job as always!! One of my favorites were the Lemon Tarts…anything having to do with lemons reminds me of my grandmother, “Mimi. She had a lemon bush in her yard. The fragrance of the blooms and her love of “treats” made from lemon will always be a reminder of her. Thanks for the post and for the Lemon Tart recipe…I think I will attempt it in honor of her…and all the special women in our lives, including “you”, for all the wonderful things you do and for who you are!!

  7. I love this!! So creative and fun… already dreaming up ideas for my mom next year. 🙂

  8. Grey

    Aw! Thanks, Denise! I remember Diane always talking about Mimi, too. She sounded like such a wonderful lady! I think making the lemon tarts will be a perfect little celebration of her!

  9. Angeline

    What flower’s did you use in the floral arrangements? They’re beautiful!

  10. Grey

    Hi Angeline! We used peonies, ranunculus, billy balls, and a small assortment of fillers. The peonies were just drop dead gorgeous!!!

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