Wood Rings?

Yes, that’s right. Wood rings. (And corian!) I’ve been a huge fan of Rob and Lean for such a long time. They are a husband and wife team who makes each ring by hand. Their starting prices are totally reasonable, they offer custom services, and the best part about their rings? TOTALLY not overdone. I think I may make my guy wear one of these when it’s our turn to don the wedding jewelry.









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3 responses to “Wood Rings?

  1. THANK YOU for this post!! I just got engaged a couple weeks ago and my fiance’ wants a wooden wedding band! I’ve looked all over the internet but only found really ugly rings that he and I both hated. I love the rings in their etsy shop and wouldn’t be surprised if we buy one from them!

    Thanks again!


  2. Rob and Leighanne

    Thanks so much for the feature =0). We really appreciate it!

  3. Those are very unique styles. Wow. If you look around you will see more new designs that have carbon fiber in them, similar to your wood rings.

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