Cake Topper

If you don’t already know, I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas…that or revamping forgotten ideas and bringing them back. Cake toppers is one of these ideas. This is an old school approach to cake decor that I really love (I think it is because I adore all things vintage). Anyhow, Studio D.Sharp (another great find via Katy Elliot) makes these adorable toppers that would be really great for a vintage inspired wedding.






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5 responses to “Cake Topper

  1. ooo, i love vintage cake toppers.

    tanja lippert sells truly vintage wedding cake toppers in her studio at 33 E. Main St. in Los Gatos, CA (San Fran bay area). she has quite a few and they are all unique and VERY old and gorgeous. 😉

  2. Grey

    I wish she had them available online! I’m always on the search for authentic vintage toppers…they are SO hard to find!!!!

  3. Karen

    For our reception in Seattle, I made a custom cake topper . The groom was a mini bronze Eiffel Tower with a little top hat and bow-tie and the bride was a mini bronze Space Needle with a little lace veil. My husband is French and I’m from Seattle so it worked.

  4. Grey

    Oh my gosh! That is the most adorable idea EVER!!! Do you have a photo?

  5. Bob

    I just love to see someone else who loves these old cake toppers. There is another store in Los Gatos that has a large collection of vintage brides and grooms — Vintages at 130C N. Santa Cruz Ave. There’s a blog entry about them at

    BTW: I think the bottom photo with the music paper is absolutely super!

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