Grey and Marigold

I’m not quite sure if this color is marigold. I’m sorry all you crazy pantone people. But I just didn’t feel like saying ORANGE. This isn’t orange…it is a softer sort of marigold orange, okay? Anyhow. Happy Tuesday. More good stuff to come today, but I think this gets us off to a great start! orangegrey1Sources left to right from top: 1. Etsy 2. Amsale 3. Martha Stewart via Toast and Tables 4. Etsy 5. Etsy via {frolic!} 6. Etsy 7. Nelle Handbags 8. Cru Wear 9. Etsy



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3 responses to “Grey and Marigold

  1. My wedding colors! I have a love/hate relationship with marigold. No one knows what color it is when I say it, and sometimes it feels like it is impossible to find items in the correct color. But when I do, oh I love it!

  2. Grey

    Indeed, a rather elusive color it is!!

  3. After so much thought and fretting – this the the exact colour palette we’ve chose for our wedding. We will be adding little hints of lime/ chartreuse too.

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