Engaged: Devin and Sonny

This engagement session is so much fun! Devin and Sonny have a really killer ensemble and the hats? Can’t get enough of the hats! Can we bring back hats, please? They are just so classy!

Special thanks to photographer Lori Hensley for sharing with us her gorgeous images of Devin and Sonny!


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7 responses to “Engaged: Devin and Sonny

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  2. I’m totally swooning over their look here…her shoes, that hat, his tie! Wowza, this is amazing.

  3. So far i had a terrible day. But these pictures really made me smile. Love the couple. What a nice shooting. You made my day.
    Thanks, Sibel

  4. adore her hat. this is so classy!

  5. Amazing couple, styling, and locations… simply put these photos are awesome!

  6. the black and white retro-ish vintage-y theme from the tie to the shoes – AMAZING!

  7. AnAlaskanBride

    Her freckles! That hat! Oh, sigh.

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