Ribbon Wands

I saw these beautiful ribbon wands by Frolic in this Lemon Meringue Pie Inspiration Board by Snippet and Ink. The wands were a DIY project featured on Project Wedding. I love the color palette and the idea of handing these out to guests in lieu of bird seed or flower petals. Give them something to wave in celebration!


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16 responses to “Ribbon Wands

  1. Megan

    Love it. And have been looking for an alternative to bubbles and bird seed (which I imagine I’d be picking out of my hair!).

  2. Oh, I have seen these and I love. Thanks for sharing the DIY! Loving the colors – so pretty.


  3. I had put a moratorium on last minute DIY projects but I’m slipping this one in – I had already been looking at it but seeing it again…I have to do it.

  4. Grey

    Well, Debbie at least this project is so stinking easy. Sticks and knotting ribbon. You’ll have it done after one episode of Glee!

    Oh, and be sure to think up something cute to display them in. Perhaps a vintage urn or bucket. You can use floral foam down in your container so that the flags will stay where you put them. Then cover the foam with moss, shredded paper, rocks, sand, etc… (whatever goes with your wedding!). Maybe add a cute label onto the front of the container that says “Celebrate” or something witty and irresistible like that.

    Hope it turns out great!

  5. The colors are like a fresh summer day.

  6. What a cute and fun idea! I love it. Awesome for an outdoor Spring wedding. What fun.

  7. Such cheerful movement, like waving joy or sunlight!

  8. yes yes yes!

    miss you.

  9. Hey I think this is a brilliant idea.Nice alternative to paper lanterns and origami decor.Quite easy to make as well.Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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  11. I totally made 100 of these for my guests at our April wedding last month and the guests seemed to be waving them as we made our way back down the aisle after the ceremony. I can’t wait to see the shots our photog got because they look like so much fun! One friend even said she was totally in love with the pretty satin wands and one of the little girls took a ton of them with her and was waving them like pom poms! A huge hit!

  12. Beautiful!! I love the colors and what a fun idea. I always like some thing different and unique! Also beautiful photographs! Did you take them yourself? Can’t wait to keep reading your blog!

  13. Grey

    Oh my goodness! I’m sure it was so darling! I’d love for you to send me pictures! Ribbon wands in real life would be so fun to see! Thanks for chiming in and letting us know how well they worked!

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