Absent Hearted…

I’ve been away this week. And believe, me, I’ve missed you and the pretty little world that I enjoy contributing to on a daily basis. But early this week, Bryan (my ever-so-precious and gem-of-a-man boyfriend) and his family lost the life of Laurence O’Toole, their grandfather, father, husband, and friend. His passing was peaceful, and the entire family surrounded him in his final moments.

We’ve spent the week with family, cherishing old memories, pouring over old photos (I can’t even begin to describe the absolute look of perfection that Bryan’s grandparents possess in their old photos from the 40’s) and savoring a good many comfort foods together.

One thing that has impressed me most about this week is the legacy Bryan’s grandfather intended to pass down. Without much of a family history to speak of, he made it his aim early in life to leave his children and grandchildren a history of photographs and written stories that could be added to and passed down. This dedication to preserving and passing down history got me thinking about the beautiful photography I feature here on a daily basis and it’s preserving nature. I think I sometimes forget the significance of a photo in the context of 100 years. But one day, to our grandchildren and great grandchildren, these images will become ever more invaluable. In this digital world, I encourage you to print some of your photos, label them, organize them, write about them and the people and memories and moments that they preserve. Your future generations will be all the more enriched by your foresight. I know Bryan’s family has been.

Though I don’t have a digital picture of Bryan’s grandfather, Larry, I’ll leave you with a little picture that is reminiscent of him. He was a rather dashing WWII pilot who flew the P-38, pictured below with gents much like the ones here.

Thank you for your patience, dear readers. I’ll be back up and running tomorrow and will be full steam ahead next week!



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12 responses to “Absent Hearted…

  1. Lex

    I don’t know who this man you’re referring to but I believe brave people like him have a place in heaven.

  2. My parents have just lost a great friend. I spoke to my Dad recently and her death has prompted him to start writing his memoirs. He has many interesting stories to tell about his life and our childhood growing up around the world. He was sad at the thought that my children will never know about them. It has inspired me to do the same and I will start without delay. My best wishes to you and your boyfriends family at this sad time.

  3. Grey

    Thanks, Kate! I’m so glad your dad is writing his memoirs. Bry’s parents said it helped them to really understand their dad tremendously. I feel so lucky that my future children with Bryan are going to be a part of this amazing legacy! Totally excited that you’ll be starting your own memoirs. They’ll be much easier to write if you start now, rather than late in life.

  4. Grey

    Hi Lex! Thanks so much! I think you are right. Bry’s grandfather spoke often of the many close calls he had in battle. He was convinced, and I think rightly so, that God was looking out for him.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your family’s loss Summer. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. If there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask… and I truly mean that.

    Jaclyne xo

  6. I recently lost my grandmother and we have been going through that same process of going through old photos and books. I have been thinking about the same things as you, about preserving all of those beautiful memories and of its importance. My grandmother documented and saved a lot (by a lot I mean pieces of toilet paper from her trip to Jerusalem in the 60s!) I have also fallen in love again with film. Seeing the beauty of my grandmother from the 1940’s in a crisp black and white print just warms my heart. No matter the ease of digital, I truly believe there is an emotional connection with film that is hard to replicate. Best wishes to you and all of his family!

  7. Grey

    Megan, you are so right about film!!! The cameras also had such a special tone and quality to the prints they produced. I’m hoping to get some of the images digitized, which I’d like to share with you all. The images are so unbelievably epic… I will definitely be putting them on my walls!

    Jaclyne… you are so sweet! Thank you for such a gracious offer. I will definitely let you know if we need any help!

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your man’s grandfather! I do agree with you that it’s the memories they leave behind in photos and stories that are so precious and dear. I think that the idea of printing off some pictures is a lovely idea – something we can leave behind is somehow so comforting to know! I also have to say “Thank You” to him – as he was a courageous man fighting for not only his generations, but all that have followed him!


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  10. Grey

    Thanks Kristi for such sweet words!!!

    In today’s digital age, we rarely print off our photos anymore. Although they are “preserved” it’s possible that one day, our children’s children will not have an easy way to access these images as easily as we think! Printing them off and labeling them with details about the location, event and people in the picture will help create a “history” of sorts for when we are no longer around to explain it ourselves.

  11. So sorry for your families loss – this is a really beautiful post.

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