To trend or not to trend?

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There is a quirky little paradox in this wedding world of ours. On one hand, we love to scour the world wide web in search of new ideas and inspiration. BUT, when we see the same ideas circling the blogosphere a few times, it is easy to balk; we get scared away from using some great idea we saw because a few other people already used it and now it’s “too trendy”. This can lead to brides with fabulous intentions to be creative and original, but who are also completely STRESSED!

So a little encouragement (in the case that you need it!) :

Though your aspirations for a magazine worthy wedding are laudable, the important thing is to go with what you love and what inspires you. I think Josie (whose gorgeous wedding to Adam is featured here on Green Wedding Shoes) puts it best:

Before the wedding, I worried that our touches were too trendy, and Adam did a great job of reminding me that, save for a few engaged friends, none of our guests troll wedding blogs all day.

So, to put it plainly: Trend is all relative!

What a comforting thought! With that said, I thought I’d share a few finds for an idea that I STILL love, even though it’s been done. Vintage typewriter = guestbook.

I just love that classic type and the vintage look! Found these goodies by using this search on Etsy.




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12 responses to “To trend or not to trend?

  1. Great point – I think it’s most important that the things we spend our time, money, and energy on are things we love and that reflect our personalities. If someone else has done the same thing, no big deal. It’s only a problem if you’re just doing these things because you saw them in a magazine/blog/website.

  2. Shelley Greenberg

    Josie is so right! I did vintage stamps on our invitations we just sent out and worried that everyone would think we were just sheep in this giant herd of vintage-stamp loving, wannabe trendsters. But so many people said to me, “I love that idea! How did you ever think of it!?”

  3. You made my day. I’ve been so stressed lately trying to plan the ultimate original wedding. Thanks for the reminder.

    My favorite over-done (according to blogs) concepts that I’m still doing: cupcake buffet & rustic theme.

  4. Grey

    Yay! It does seem like the stress of trendsetting strikes a nerve in lots of brides. I’m so glad you all feel a little encouraged!

  5. Such a good point! I imagine that those of us in the industry probably get tired of the “trends” far more quickly than our clients and their guests since we see stuff over and over and over again. But what is important is that wedding details reflect the interests and personalities of the bride and groom, not whether or not those details have been “done” before or not. Besides, no two couples are going to have exactly the same wedding- ever!

  6. Good point! I always say something like, “oh but *everyone* is doing photobooths/paper flower balls/vintage/green” and the fiance rightly reminds me that most people are not subscribing to a million wedding blogs like I am. 😉

  7. Leah

    SUCH a fabulous post.. really made me feel better about some of the “obvious” choices I’ve made for my desperately-trying-to-reinvent-the-wheel-DIY-wedding.

  8. Taylor

    Whew I really needed to hear this today! There’s definitely a lot of repetition once you start spending, like, 10 hours a day surfing the wedding blogs…but I have to remind myself that a) probably 95% of my guests will never even have heard of most of the things I’m afraid may seem played out, and b) even if they have, who cares? Our wedding is still the only one like it! Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Not only was this great to hear, but it was perfect timing as well! After having spent about 10 hours looking at wedding blogs today (and every other day for that matter), I managed to buy a vintage typewriter on ebay and instantly thought: this seems so unoriginal and trendy, what am I doing? I just found your blog today and have been going back through the archives… I got to this post right as I had that thought and instantly felt so much better. Thanks so much!

  10. Grey

    Wow! Samantha…I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear you were encouraged! Keep following whatever it is that you love! Your wedding will turn out fabulous and just like YOU!

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