Honeymoon Sentiments

This romantic image via i can read is altogether the loveliest sentiment I can possibly think of. I wish this were a card. I’d buy it and give it to my love–day one, honeymoon. Though, come to think of it, every day is the first day of the future. Oh the possibilities.




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4 responses to “Honeymoon Sentiments

  1. I *adore* this! I walked down the aisle to a violin instrumental of “All I Want is You,” so it feels especially personal. Sigh…

  2. meg

    This is priceless! The combination of the words and image are the perfect sentiment and a great reminder. I wish it were a card too, I’ve been married almost 2 years and would love to give this to my husband on our anniversary!

  3. I love this so much. and i can read is full of little treasures…

  4. and do you think an accordion instrumental of all i want is you would be good?

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