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Once again, the incredible Mascara Maven has an amazing guest post for {grey} readers today. I’m thrilled at how much I’m learning from these articles on makeup. I hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then lashes are the curtains.unknown


Lashes are, in my opinion, a vital element to framing the eye. Simply curling your natural eyelashes will instantly open up your eyes and brighten your entire face. False lashes, however, are a whole new ball game. The wrong lash for your eye shape can actually close in your eye. It’s all in how you wear it.

Long eyelash

Almost every bride wants to have fabulous lashes, but some want more dramatic than others. Take into consideration what statement the rest of your makeup is making. If you are playing up your eyes, you can wear a heavier, thicker, more extravagant lash. Be wary of lashes that are too structured and blocked as they will look unnatural. Think Betty Boop. You don’t want your lashes showing up before you do! If your hair, dress, and makeup are more light and playful, spring for a more natural lash that will lengthen, curl and accentuate what you already have.

Individual vs. Full Strip Lashes:

individuellamedium: : : Individual : : :

  • If you know you are going to turn on the waterworks and sobbing is a good probability, individual lashes are easier to fix and/or replace if your tears affect the glue.
  • If you are a dancing machine, and you manage to wiggle a lash loose, one single lost cluster is much easier to disguise than an entire corner of your strip lash lifting.
  • If you tend to not wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis, you may find the individual lashes more comfortable because they are lighter.
  • Individual lashes don’t have to be natural looking, if you want a dramatic look. They come in all lengths and cluster sizes and can be layered several times onto your lash to create a very glamorous eye.
  • For these reasons, I tend to prefer individual lash clusters for most brides. 

ardell_fl_110: : : Strip : : :

  • Now, strip lashes are gorgeous too! But as I said before, the key is to keep it believable. 
  • Some of my favorite strip lashes are MAC #2, #4, and #31 lashes, and Ardell lashes #110.

If you want to stay away from false lashes but still want some va va voom for your lids, consider lash extending mascaras. They can get pricy, and I highly suggest testing them at least 2 weeks before your big day, but with regular use, they can extend the length of your natural lash using a fiber technology.


Another option that is gaining popularity is professional eyelash extensions. A single synthetic lash is attached to your natural lash with a semi-permanent glue. Call your local salons and spas and shop around for prices– I have found the cost varies by location. On average, you can look at spending $250-$700 for a full set of extensions. They will last 1-2 months (re: look fabulous on your honeymoon, even when you’ve just woken up) and touch-ups are available for $75-$150. In this case, you get what you pay for so do your research before you book an appointment!

Lastly, don’t hesitate to try out several different shapes, sizes and lengths of lashes until you feel comfortable. Remember, you will be wearing them for at least 10 hours, if not months if you go the professional route. 

Here are some great celebrity examples: 

Beyonce: an example of a more glamorous lash strip that is longer, but varied at the tips to give it a soft edge.

Kodak Theatre

Leighton Meester: Here is a soft, full lash strip with a more graduated edge to give a doe-eyed look.


The Jessicas: Great examples of individual lashes- achieve this look by using two different lengths of lash clusters. Don’t be afraid to layer them too!





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6 responses to “Mascara Maven: Lashes

  1. Great site! I’m a first time visitor and I love all the great tips on here! I’m definately recommending it to all the brides I know! I love the colors and themes you showcase! I’m actually using a lot of those ideas to decorate my house. I’m waiting for a Tuscan Garden type theme to show up 🙂


  2. Grey

    Ooohhh…I LOVE that idea. I’ll add it to my list for this week!

  3. Vintage RSVP postcards for invitees-, courtesy of Poppytalk.

  4. These are all great ideas and inspiration. Wish I’d have thought of lashes for my wedding this past winter. 🙂 They look fabulous!

  5. Jennifer

    I have eyelash extensions and in my area they are $170 to put on and $45 for fills at an exclusive eyelash salon so definitely shop around. I love them and am absolutely addicted to them. I always get compliments about my “gorgeous eye makeup” even when I have nothing going on but my lashes.

  6. Michele

    I have had lash extensions for the last 3 years. I originally did it for my sisters wedding, I love them!! No mascara.. it is wonderful. I wake up with beautiful eyes….My lash professional uses Lash Fx Lashes , I can shower, swim..sweat.. all the everyday things I would normally do. I get fills once every three weeks. They are put on individually, and look fabulous!! I Totally encourage any bride..any body to do it. Make sure the company you use uses a really good glue. That is key! Not all lashes are created equally… do your research! The Lash FX glue has stayed on the best for me. I am really blonde…with very little natural lash…I love my eyelash extensions !!

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